Double Down - Double the bet in Blackjack
Double Down - Double the bet in Blackjack

Double Down - Double the bet in Blackjack

Double Down is one of the best Blackjack rules! Do you know when to play Blackjack double have to? If not, you're giving away money!

What does Double Down mean in Blackjack?

Double Down means that you have to place the bet at the blackjack can double after the first two cards have been dealt. To double down, you place another bet equal to the first bet. The dealer then deals only one more card and we have no more choices. If we beat the dealer, we get double the winnings. You should use doubling only when you are in an advantageous situation.

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When to double down on Blackjack!

Doubling down is a very important way to win as much as possible in blackjack. win. In advantageous situations you can win twice as much.
But you can also lose twice as much. Still, doubling down is a very important action in the right situation.

When doubling down, you must place a second bet equal to the original bet in the betting box. The Blackjack strategy Table shows you when you should double.

We always double with 10 and 11, unless the dealer has a ten card or a Ace.

With a 9, we only double against low dealer cards between 3 and 6.

Double with an ace

Also Soft hands with an ace you can double down in most casinos and you should do that against weak dealer cards:

  • A7 vs 3 -6
  • A6 3-6
  • A5 4-6
  • A4 4-6
  • A3 5-6
  • A2: 5-6

For soft hand doubling there is the so-called "Rule of Nine": Rule of Nines.
If your card next to the ace and the dealer's card add up to 9 or more, you double!

When not to double

Doubling is exciting - we understand that. But if we double too often because we want to increase the profit, it can backfire. There are some cases when it is a bad idea and we can lose a lot of money quickly. In the following situations you should not double:

When the dealer has an ace

An ace is a pretty powerful card when we play blackjack. This is exactly why you should never double down when the dealer shows an ace! Chances are good that he either has blackjack or is very close to 21 comes close.

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With a score higher than 11

If you have a high starting hand that gives you a higher score than 11, the risk of "busted" and having more than 21 points with another card increases. This would make you double risk if you double down. If you are unsure, it is better to hold back and not take the risk.

How to double

  1. If any of the above situations arise, say "Double Down" to the dealer.
  2. To do this, slide a second insert into your betting box at the same height as the first insert.
  3. If you bet $10, you must put another $10 in your betting box when you double down.
  4. You only get one card now!

Good luck!

If the sum of your three cards is higher than the dealer's or if the dealer overbought by more than 21, you win.
For double the bet, you get double the winnings.

Double Down Payout

If you can double down in a good situation in blackjack, you should always do it! By doubling down, you risk a second bet equal to the first bet. Accordingly, the double down payout is also double. If we originally bet 10 euros and see the possibility of doubling down, we place another bet of 10 euros, so our total bet is 20 euros. If we win, we get 20 euros from the dealer as a double down payout.

Don't be afraid to double up!

I see players in casinos all the time who miss out on good situations to double down. Either because they don't know that you are allowed to double at all, because they don't know that you should double or even because they are afraid of losing twice. Those who only ever risk the minimum bet and are afraid of doubling up are probably playing in too high a league and should play with lower stakes.

IRONIE: If you don't double for fear of losing twice, you'll lose more in the long run. So don't worry: You won't always win, but more often than you lose.

Blackjack pro trick when doubling down

When sitting at the blackjack table with scaredy-cats who never double down, make friends with them. Always offer in these situations: Can I take your double? That way, in good situations, you can get in as an investor without much risk.

Other Double Down rules depending on the casino

Theoretically, you can double any starting hand (except a blackjack). However, each casino may have its own unique Black Jack Rules together. For example, a casino may impose double down rules, which would Doubling only in certain situations allow. In many European casinos, doubling down is only allowed with a starting hand total of 9, 10 or 11. All combinations with an ace (soft hands), which you normally could and should also double, are excluded from this double down rule.

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