Black Jack 21
21 Blackjack tips from the experts: Win more!

21 Blackjack tips from the experts: Win more!

You're looking for helpful blackjack Tips? Then you are here spot-on! Because we give you 21 Blackjack tips and debunk many fake tips that are otherwise foisted on you on the Internet.

Good and bad Black Jack Tips collected, commented and rated ⭐️ Only here you can really find the best tips from professionals from Europe and the USA!

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On this page we collect all the blackjack tips that you can find on the internet and in Blackjack Books finds.

Wrong and bad blackjack tips

There are an incredible number of blackjack tips on the internet. And most of them have only one goal: your money.

Due to wrong tips you should be in the online casino Lose money so that the websites that do casino advertising earn from your loss.

A blatant example from one of the largest German-language blackjack websites:


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Bad Black Jack Tips - Counting Cards





On this website, which has very good Google rankings if you search for "blackjack tips", you will find, among other things, this abysmally stupid tip: "You can't count cards (online or offline)."

This is very blatant and deprives this website of any competence and raison d'être!

To claim that "you can't Cards can count" is simply a lie.

  1. "You can" count cards anytime and anywhere. The only question is whether it makes sense.
  2. There are definitely many casinos where you can succeed with card counting.
  3. Even in online casinos, you can succeed with the help of card counting and various other tactics, as Radek Vegas' blackjack coaching regularly proves.

So what this blackjack site writes here is absolutely misinformation. These casino lobbyists don't want to give you any "stupid" ideas. They want you to remain ignorant and not even try to win anything.


At it's different! We comment critically all the tips we can find.

This way you can be sure that you won't miss out on any of the many Fraudster fall in.

If you find blackjack tips somewhere that you are unsure if it makes sense, write us an email!

We have also compiled the best blackjack tips in a video and a Slideshow on the home page summarized.

You can recognize the best blackjack tips by the star ⭐️.

Simple Blackjack Tips Table for Beginners

In the Blackjack Tips Table you will find an overview of all simple tips.

Further down these tips are explained in detail. There are also other pro tips that are probably too complicated for beginners.

You can download the blackjack tips table as a PDF here:


1. play with play money

Black Jack Tips - Play Money
Black Jack Tips - Practice with play money

The blackjack tip that you should first play with play money can be found on many different blackjack websites. We have the Czech Gambling-journalist Radek Vegas for his opinion. He is skeptical about the tip and would only rate it 4/10 Points evaluate. Here is his detailed answer.

"Blackjack is first and foremost a money game. If you play with play money, you run the risk of not making the right effort. After all, you have nothing to lose. If you take blackjack seriously, you don't "play". They wait for good situations to bet. You can compare it to a stockbroker who invests in good situations.

So the tip that you should play with play money is not a real tip in my eyes. It is clear that you should not risk money as an absolute beginner. But by playing only with play money, you will never get beyond the beginner status. That's why everyone has to ask themselves:

Do I want to play or do I want to win? And if you want to win, then learn it right."

In addition, you see this tip again and again in connection with online casino advertising. The purpose of this rather pointless blackjack tip is to lure people into the casino for free. In play money mode, they then win a surprising amount of money. The casino makes you believe that you are particularly good. So of course you want to win real money! You deposit money and are surprised that the lucky streak is over.

We therefore recommend using a mixture of play money and real money. There are also so-called no-deposit bonus offers from time to time. Here you can use real money to play a casino test. However, most casinos give too little money for the Live Blackjack would be enough.

2. set limit for game duration and losses

Black Jack Tips - Time Limit
Blackjack Tips - Set a limit on playing time and losses

With this tip, you can argue from two perspectives.

A limit for losses definitely makes up for psychological view makes sense.

If the losses become too great and you are no longer having fun, you should NOT PLAY ANYMORE anyway.

Basically, every amateur has a serious disadvantage in gambling.

This disadvantage can NEVER be compensated. Setting systems are absolutely ineffective.

Just because someone won something once doesn't mean there is a strategy that works.

Or should we ask a lottery winner about his "strategy"?

There's no such thing in gambling!

One tactic works in the short term - WITH HAPPINESS!

But sooner or later, THE BANK ALWAYS wins.

Therefore, from a mathematical point of view, it doesn't matter if you set yourself a time limit.

This is because stochastics always looks at the total number of bets over a lifetime.

In your lifetime blackjack session, you always have the same disadvantage of 1-5%.

This disadvantage doesn't end when you take a break, but ensures that all bets in the aggregate sooner or later revolve around this loss.

If you bet a total of 1000 euros, your loss will be 10-50 euros. This is where the variance comes in, which can make you lose less if you're lucky, or even more than that 50 euros if you're unlucky.

If you bet a total of 100,000 euros at the blackjack table in your lifetime, you will have lost 1,000 to 5,000 euros. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

The more you bet, the more closely your score will match the percentage loss of 1-5%.

You have two ways to change that:

One, you quit after a big win.

2. you learn how to play blackjack properly with card counting and everything.

However, the concentration decreases with time, so that mistakes can creep in with longer playing time.

So take a break when you notice your concentration slipping.

However, a pure time limit is still not a very useful tip.

3. 21 is the target

Black Jack Tips - Goal 21
From the section "Black Jack tips that aren't tips": 21 is the target - Not directly!

This tip is so simple that it is actually cheeky to call it a "tip".

21 is nice, of course. After all, there is a 3:2 payout ratio when you have a two card blackjack.

But it's not the goal!

Only in all cases you get a blackjack.

You need a Ace.

There are 4 aces in a deck of 52 cards total.

That's exactly 7.69% probability for an ace.

To do this, you still need a ten-value card. So a 10, a Jack, a Queen or a King.

That's 4 out of 13 possible cards, or a total of 16 out of 52 cards, which equates to a probability of 30.77%.

We then have to multiply the two probabilities of ace (7.69%) and ten-card (30.77%) and have the probability of blackjack: 2.3%.

So you're averaging a blackjack in every 44 hands.

If you're thinking: "But I have blackjacks more often! Then you're either lying to yourself or you're strikingly lucky, which will even itself out sooner or later. No one stands a chance against math. That's why the bank ALWAYS wins.

So the goal is not to have 21 points, but to have more points than the dealer.

Or even less than 22, because at 22 you lose.

And always it is not useful for fear of the Overbought to stand still.

You often fight and lose.

But it's better than not fighting at all.

That's why I would put it this way:

The goal is to make the right decisions in the long run and to bet more in good situations and best not to play at all in bad situations.

4. always share aces [⭐️]

Black Jack Tips - Aces Split
Valuable Blackjack Tips - ALWAYS Split Aces!

When it comes to "splitting" in blackjack, there are many wrong tips.

A farmer's rule says you should always split aces and eights.

That's for sure!

If you get two aces, you increase your long-term return.

In order to calculate the total yield, one must examine and calculate each individual situation and each possibility.

Then you come up with a value that is higher than if you didn't split the aces.

The same goes for a pair of eights, by the way.

Here you have the worst hand with 16 and can Odds greatly increase if you split the weak 16 between two more promising 8s.


Black Jack Tips - Split Tens
Wrong blackjack tips for beginners: Never split tens! But professionals do!

This tip also persists.

However, it is WRONG!

In general, beginners do well not to split tens, jacks, queens and kings.

With 20 you have the second best card combination after a blackjack.

It's unlikely you'll get a hand this good again on two split hands.

This is also very easy to calculate:

The probability of getting another 10-value card is 30%.

Additionally, one more ace would improve us. So another 7%.

By drawing low cards, you can get a few more percentage points out of it via the detour of more cards.

So we have in around 40% er cases an equal or better hand after sharing.

But we also need a second Insert and worsen us in 60% of cases.

For us to improve in both hands, however, the probability is only 16% (40% x 40% = 16%)

In 16% of the cases, sharing gives us a hand that is at least as good.

So you deteriorate when you divide a valuable 20 into two 10s.

However, there are situations where you increase your overall yield by splitting the pairs of tens.

And you can tell these situations by counting cards.

When a lot of low cards are played, the probability of high cards coming in the future increases.

To be exact:

The True Count must be at least +4 in order to split pairs of tens.

Granted, this is very rarely the case, but it does happen.

But then you should also share only against the weakest dealer card: the 6.

If the dealer has a 5, you need a True Count of at least +5 to justify a split.

Otherwise you pay on top.

So anyone who splits tens is usually a complete amateur. Or a complete professional.

6. use vary according to success

Black Jack Tips - Bet Vary
Black Jack Tips - Varying the Stakes to Success

Varying the bet is the ONLY way to win anything in blackjack in the long run.

However, this ONLY makes SENSE if you also know when to up the ante.

And that's where the tip about being profit or loss oriented is wrong.

Because a win is usually already too late to justify a higher bet.

The profit is (mostly) the result of an increased count. That is, many low cards compared to high cards.

If you bet after a win, the good situation is already one round behind.

But it is also possible to win in a bad situation. Then you would run into the open knife after a lucky chance win with an increased stake.

Basically, though, it's not a bad beginner's tactic, increase the bet only after a winning round.

At the same time, however, one should also look at, HOW TO WIN!

  • Were there a lot of low cards at the table?
  • Has anyone gotten multiple cards (4.5 or more) without overbuying?

If you have won a round and there were a lot of low cards in the game, there is nothing to stop you from raising the bet.

However, only gradually. For example, if you always bet the minimum bet of 5 euros, you can bet 7.5 euros or 10 euros.


Black Jack Tips - Insurance
Blackjack tips: From a true count of +3 you close a Insurance from.

Here, too, one must warn!

Beginners are told on just about every site that they should never take out insurance.

However, the statement is not fundamentally true!

Because once you can do card counting, you're going to make more profit taking out insurance in one situation or another.

Insurance is actually one of the main differences between amateur gamblers and professionals. Amateurs let the casino lobby tell them that you should never take out insurance. Professionals go by the true count when counting cards.

From a True Count of +3 you take out insurance!

This deviation from the Basic Strategy is the most lucrative so-called deviation of the Illustrious 18.

9. PLAY ONLY WITH PAYOUT OF 3:2 [⭐️⭐️⭐️].

Blackjack Tips - Payout 3:2
The most important Black Jack tip: Only play at tables with "Black Jack pays 3:2"

This is by far the most important Black Jack tip! That's why it gets 3 stars here instead of just one!

It is absolutely essential that you only play at tables where you are paid out 3:2 for a blackjack.

This ratio means that the bonus you get for a natural 21 is 1.5 times the ice rate.

If you bet 10 euros, you get a total of 25 euros back (your 10-euro bet plus 15 euros winnings) with an ace and a ten-value card.

However, there are now many casinos that only offer a payout of 6:5 for a blackjack.

What sounds even better at first glance is actually worse.

Because if you take 10 Euro x 6 and divide by 5 you only get 12 Euro profit - instead of 15 Euro as in the 3:2 layout.

For every blackjack, you make a whole 20% less profit with a payout of 6:5!

In the USA, on March 2 (US spelling 3/2) even the Blackjack tag introduced to point out the degraded payout in blackjack.

To ensure that you still have any chance at all at blackjack, you should also Blackjack table on which boycott "Black Jack Pays 6:5"!


It doesn't matter for beginners. But if you can count cards, there is no point in playing if the casino Mixing machines used.

In card counting, we calculate the probability of cards yet to come based on the cards played.

This is only possible if there is a continuous draw and the order of the cards is not changed.

Shuffling machines are used to shuffle the cards back in with the rest of the cards after each round.

This way, card counting is pointless.

Shuffling machines are now used in most casinos in Europe and also in Las Vegas. The casinos argue with a smooth game flow, where the shuffling does not interrupt the flow of the game.

That stim

mt even. This shuffling is already extremely annoying. Especially when the dealers take it too exactly, as for example in various casinos in the Czech Republic.

However, shuffling machines makes blackjack a game of chance that you can't beat.

Sure, you can win something on one night if you're lucky. But the more often you play, the more certain you are that your overall balance will be in the red. There's no way around it. Unless you stop playing completely once you're in the black. Everything else is a temporary lucky streak.


Black Jack Tips - Decks
Black Jack Tips - The Less Decks of cardsthe better.

The fewer decks of cards are used, the lower the House edge of the casino.

So it is also better for the player's chances of winning if, for example, only two decks of cards are used.

In most casinos, blackjack is played with a 6-deck sled (shoegame) or shuffling machine.

So-called double-deck games have only two decks of cards, which makes it easier to keep track of the cards played.

Likewise, calculating the True Count is easier, as it is determined by dividing the Running Count by the number of remaining decks. So for two decks, you just divide by 2 or 1 - or halves 1.5 and 0.5. This is much easier than, say, a 6-deck game where you have to divide by 6, 5, 4 and 3 at the start to get an accurate True Count.

There are even still one or two casinos in the US that offer single-deck blackjack. However, these Variants also often disadvantages, so it is not necessarily better to prefer this variant to a 6-deck sled.

In addition to the pure number of decks of cards, it is also important how many cards are played before the so-called cutting card is played and shuffled again. This process is referred to as "Deck Penetration". Casinos with fewer decks of cards often have very strict rules and only deal a few rounds.


Blackjack Tips - Budget and Money Management
Blackjack Tips - Set Your Budget Accurately!

This blackjack tip can be found on many websites and remains there only on the surface. The budget serves more as a pseudo-advice of the casino lobby to soothe their conscience.

Because the truth is, these websites make money by you signing up to an online casino and losing there.

The more you lose, the more they earn. That's why limiting your budget is actually the last thing casino affiliate sites want.

Nevertheless, there is also a spark of truth in this hypocrisy.

This is because it is very important for a blackjack professional to stay within his budget.

There are many things to consider here, which is why we have written an entire article on the topic of "Money Management".

Blackjack pro Radek Vegas sums up his opinion on the budget tip for us here:

"Your bankroll is the amount you use ONLY TO PLAY BLACKJACK!

You can lose that money without batting an eye and it won't change your life, your standard of living or your mood.

Only ever bet a fraction of your bankroll. Ideally, you should only risk a maximum of 1/10 of your bankroll in the casino on any one evening. The standard bet should then also only amount to a maximum of 5% of your daily budget. This minimizes the risk of a complete loss."

Especially the highlighted quote should be written behind the ears of every player!

We very often get news stories where gamblers get upset about losses. Or we regularly see real dramas in casinos, where gambling addicts risk everything - and OF COURSE LOSE! Such things cannot go well. And if it goes well once, then eventually you get to that point again. And at some point it doesn't go well anymore.

Therefore, planning the bets without emotions is very important for success in blackjack.

13. let the dealer overbuy [❌]

How do you do that? With magic?

Hex Hex! Dealer draw a six.

The aim of this tip: you shall make wrong decisions that will make you lose more.

By your loss, the website on which this tip is placed earns more money because the advertisement leads to an online casino that pays the website up to 50% of the players' lost money.

The truth: Letting the dealer overbid is not within the player's power. Zero, zero.

The dealer plays according to fixed rules. It is clearly and simply defined when the dealer draws.

The dealer always draws until he has at least 17.

In principle, this is also a good rule for the players. At least if you have a starting hand greater than 6.

So the dealer definitely does not make any mistakes. Nevertheless, it happens of course that the dealer sometimes overbought.

If he has to draw another card at 16, he is most likely to get more than 21 points.

However, you should not derive a "scaredy-cat strategy" from this. Beginners are afraid of overbuying themselves and remain standing with weak scores in the hope that the dealer will overbought. However, it is better to risk losing from time to time than to always stand still and hope that the dealer will overbought. The dealer doesn't do this often enough. So you will only lose more.

The bust probability of the dealer depends on his own up-card. Most often the dealer will overbust if he has a 6 as an up card (about 43% of the cases). The rarest way for the dealer to overbust is with an ace (about 20%).

By the way, these probabilities are also the basis of the Basic Strategy. That is why you should ideally stand with 12 against a 6 of the dealer.

However, it would be nonsense to stand with 12 if the dealer has a 7 or better. That's why it's better to learn the basic strategy than to "let the dealer overbuy".

The probability for some cards is higher than for others, but saying that the seven of hearts is coming is only possible with a magic trick. This means that the player cannot influence anything and therefore cannot "overbuy" the dealer

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Black Jack Strategy Table PDF

The Blackjack Strategy Table PDF will give you just the right tip in any situation at the Blackjack table!

With the tips from the Black Jack Strategy Table you manage to win more!

The decisions proposed here are based on mathematical probabilities.

With this you can make the best out of any situation!

Important: You can not win every time!

Even the best football team (except maybe Liverpool 😉 loses sometimes.

So it is with blackjack.

But the blackjack strategy chart will help you make the right decisions.

You win more in good situations.

You lose less in bad situations.



GTA stands for "Grand Theft Auto" and is a well-known computer game series.

In GTA you can also Play online blackjack.

The tips for this are the same as here on this page.

Basically, it always depends on which Blackjack rules offers a casino.

This results in the optimal blackjack strategy.

This changes, for example, when 2, 6 or 8 decks of cards are used.

GTA Online Blackjack tips will follow shortly.

If you have already had a good experience with Blackjack at GTA, feel free to send me an Write email!

RDR2 Blackjack Tips

Here follow RDR2 blackjack tips.

If you've already had experience with RDR2, write me an email!

play blackjack

The best blackjack tip is very simple: you must play blackjack!

Only those who practice a lot will sooner or later become better and win more money.

Casinos don't give away money.

Online casinos don't normally do that either!