How can I always win at blackjack?

Black Jack gagne ganar win

The question "How can I help BLACKJACK ALWAYS WIN?" we often hear!

The answer is sobering: Not at all!

Even the best football teams or tennis players don't always win.

In blackjack, winning depends mainly on luck.

The casinos have the blackjack Rules intentionally set so that the casino will always win at blackjack in the long run.

The house advantage of the casino is, if you look for the optimal Black Jack Strategy table, just 0.5 %.

This is much better than other casino games like roulette or slots.

However, it is not possible to win all the time.

Always win with card counting in blackjack

In movies, TV series and books, blackjack is often portrayed in a way that gives the impression that very intelligent people (or autistic people like in the movie 'Rain Man') always win at blackjack. But this is wrong. In these well-known scenes, only excerpts are shown, which are also very exaggerated.

In reality, of course, lucky streaks occur as well as unlucky streaks.

Someone may be lucky enough to win 10 or maybe even 20 hands in a row. But at the latest then he will lose again. Because even if you 100% make the right decision, you are dependent on good cards. But since good cards don't always come, you can't always win at blackjack either.

With the Card Counting but you've found a good way to tell when the Odds are elevated.

For example, if a lot of low cards are dealt, the likelihood of high cards being dealt increases.

With high cards you can also reach high card values like 20 or even a straight blackjack.

And with these values you are more likely to win

The advantage for the player in this case, however, is only that you as a player have a payout of 3:2 in a blackjack, while the dealer only wins 1:1.

This means: If you win with a blackjack, you get 25 euros back for a 10 euro bet. The dealer loses 15 euros.

However, if the dealer has a Black Jack, he only wins your bet of 10 Euros.

This is the difference why the player can have an advantage with the help of card counting when he realizes that the probability of blackjack is increased. In these cases, blackjack professionals then bet more money than in other rounds.

In general, however, the probability of winning is not higher if you can count cards. You only recognize advantageous situations better.

No matter how good you are at blackjack, you will only ever win around 45 % of all hands.

The remaining 55% will be split by draws or losses.

The art of card counting is to bet more in the 45% of winning hands to offset or even trump the losses from the majority of hands.

So it's not about how to always win at blackjack, it's about winning more than losing in the first place!

How much can you win at blackjack?

And here I must especially warn those who think they are immune to probabilities and facts!

Exceptions prove the rule.

You always have to look at a longer period of time. On 100 hands, anyone can win more times. On 1000 hands, the whole thing will be more of a realistic picture. And the more hands you play, the closer the loss is to the 1% limit.

But if you know how to count cards, you can turn an 1% loss into an 1% profit in the long run.

Suppose you bet 10 euros by default and can count cards.

Then you will vary your bet over the course of an evening between the 10 euros and a maximum bet of 80 to 120 euros.

Let's say the average bet is then 20 euros.

In one hour you play around 50 hands and we are in the casino for 4 hours.

So we played a total of 200 hands a 20 euros and therefore bet a total of 4000 euros.

As a good player, you would have stuck to the Basic Strategy and lost an average of 40 euros. Due to the so-called variance (deviation), a higher loss is also possible, as well as a profit. But these 40 euros are the average of all blackjack players who will ever play this game.

Now, if you are a bad player who relies only on gut feeling or doesn't make all decisions mathematically according to basic strategy, instead of being at 1% disadvantage, you will be at 3 - 5% disadvantage. That means your loss can be up to five times higher!

I see this all the time in the casino when obvious gamblers and amateurs come to the table. First of all, they bet too much per round and then make a lot of wrong decisions. Most of the time they are gone very quickly, while a good player can sit at the same table for a few hours without going bankrupt.

If you know how to count cards, you won't always win at blackjack, but you'll win a lot more than someone who uses discretion or sticks to basic strategy.

With card counting you have 1-2% advantage depending on the skill and the offered Rules at the casino. In our example, this means that you will win between 40 and 80 euros on average. You can possibly win even more, but with a negative variance you can also win less or even make a loss.