Card game 21: Better known as Black Jack
Card game 21: Better known as Black Jack

Card game 21: Better known as Black Jack

The Card game 21 is better known as blackjack. The popular casino game is called "Twenty One". 21). However, most people know the card game 21 by its nickname "Black Jack".

The casinos used to pay a particularly high profit if the player had a 21 with 2 cards, consisting of a black jack and a black Ace in spades or clubs. This combination is used more often today as a name for the card game than the official name "21".

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The rules: How to play 21?

The card game 21 is mainly played for money in casinos and casinos. A player is dealt two cards and must have more points than the dealer representing the casino. The name of the card game 21 is also the best possible and maximum number of points allowed.

A two-card 21 is called a "Natural Twentyone" or "Black Jack". A Black Jack can only be made with an Ace and a ten card, i.e. a 10, a Jack, a Queen or a King.

Black Jack Player Cards

Each of these ace-ten combinations is counted as a blackjack.

An ace of diamonds with a king of hearts is just as much a blackjack as the original blackjack consisting of an ace of spades and jacks.

If you win a Black Jack, you win 1.5 times your bet, while you only get your bet back at a ratio of 1:1 for every other win. So if you bet 10 euros, you win an extra 15 euros on a blackjack. Unless the dealer also has a Black Jack. Then the round is considered a draw and the player gets his bet back.

In addition to the maximum value of 21, the card game of the same name also has other combinations where the player has various options.

Hit or Stand?

This question from the dealer means: Does the player want to draw another card (hit) or does he stand with his two cards (stand)?

The Black Jack Strategy specifies the mathematically best possible decisions in each situation.

Simplified, you can say that you should always draw up to a score of at least 12.

If the dealer has a 7 or more, the player draws cards until he has at least 17 points.

Besides pulling or standing still, there are other options that beginners often don't know about or, if they do, use incorrectly.


double down means that you double your bet with a promising starting hand.

This is especially advisable with a 9, 10 and an 11 when the dealer has a lower score than you.

One doubles as not, for example, if we have the starting value of 10 with a 4 and a 6, the dealer has a jack that is also worth 10 points.

However, should the dealer have a 9 or less, we take the opportunity to double our bet, as we have an increased Chance to win have.

To do this, we place a second bet of the same amount as the original bet on the table in the betting area in front of us.

We say to the dealer: "Double Down", whereby the gesture alone counts that you have pushed twice the number of chips / tokens into the betting field.

Attention: When doubling you only get one card!

If this one is bad, you will most likely lose both bets.

This perceived double risk keeps many blackjack beginners from doubling down in promising situations.

However, with the right double downs, you win more than you lose in the long run.


If you are dealt two cards of equal value, you have a pair. For example, two eights. That's spelled 88 or 8.8.

Like any pair, you can split (split) these snowmen, as they are called in poker.

Split is similar to Double Down. We can / may / must bring a second bet and can then win more.

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After splitting, we get another card added for each card and can now play these two hands separately.

We then have hit, stand, and even double down options for each hand, just like in the beginning.

You can find out which pairs you should share in the Black Jack Table.


You may end up splitting a pair and getting another pair in one hand.

Suppose you have 8.8 and divide it into two hands.

Now, in the craziest case, you get two more eights and then you have two hands with two pairs of eights.

In this case you can place more bets and split the pairs again (re-split).

This allows you to play a maximum of four hands at a time in one round.


Now it gets even crazier!

Suppose you really did get two pairs and split them among four hands.

Then instead of the normal standard deployment, you have a total of 4 units deployed.

Now, if you also get a good opportunity to double with your split hands (with 10 or 11, for example), then you can also double each of the four hands independently of the others.

In the rarest of cases, you may even want to double up on each of the four split hands.

That would put you at 8 units.

Each hand is considered individually and compared to the dealer's card combination.

Now the dealer should just not have a blackjack or any other combination that looks at you all the way.

Cases like this are very rare, but you may find yourself in the situation at some point.

Then I wish you nerves of steel and good luck!

Psychology & Mathematics

In a situation like this, remember that the math is on your side. You can lose, of course, and think: Bullshit! This isn't working! But a single event is very much dependent on luck, like Holstein Kiel's DFB-Pokal win against Bayern Munich. How often does Bayern win against 2nd division teams? 90 times out of 100? 95 times? 99 times?

Probably about 80 times. But in this one case, they lost. They certainly won't again anytime soon.

And it's exactly the same with doubling and sharing.

If you follow the blackjack table and apply the doubling and splitting correctly, you will win more in the long run than if you avoid such situations for fear of short-term losses.

Losses are inevitable.

You will not win every time. Even the best blackjack players lose 50% of their games.

The art is: to get the maximum out of all situations.

You can do that with the Black Jack table and the Card Counting.

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