Bankroll management in Blackjack: How to win more!
Bankroll management in Blackjack: How to win more!

Bankroll management in Blackjack: How to win more!

Your Bankroll Management (or money management) determines whether you walk out of the casino a winner or a loser! Proper bankroll management ensures that you can accurately assess your risk and keep it as low as possible, but also get the maximum out of advantageous situations.

What is a bankroll in blackjack?


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A "bankroll" is actually a bundle of money or a roll of banknotes. But you don't necessarily have to carry your money around with you in small rolls to have a bankroll. These days, you can also use a notebook, a App or even its own account.

It is important to be accurate and record all income and expenses and most importantly:

The bankroll consists only of Money you don't need to live and you can lose it anytime you want.

At blackjack a distinction is made between different types of banrolls:


The starting bankroll is the amount you save up or scrape together when you first play blackjack want. If this is in a online casino then your starting bankroll might be 100 euros or dollars or the currency of your country.

But let's face it, no one deposits money into an online casino thinking about bankroll management!

That's why that $100 will quickly belong to the casino and you keep depositing more money.

A blackjack player, on the other hand, looks at his bankroll like an investor.


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We need a starting bankroll that at least 100 times the minimum stake amounts to.

In most casinos, the minimum bet is $5. So our starting bankroll should be at least $500 amount to.

Better still much more. Reference books talk about 300 minimum units, which corresponds to $ 1,500.

Can't I just set a limit and just deposit money again when I lose $100?

Of course, if you have the money.

The disadvantages are as follows:

  1. You quickly lose the overview
  2. You lie to yourself
  3. You lose more than you want to
  4. You have too much risk of loss because you don't have much of a buffer on losing streaks.

That is why it is better to create a bigger bankroll.

If you don't have that kind of money, save until you have at least $500 together.

In gambling, there is always a fluctuation, which the layman knows as a lucky streak or a losing streak and the professional calls variance.

Chance will ensure that your account balance sometimes goes up and sometimes down. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.

These short-term fluctuations are as unpredictable as a stock market price. The more money and time you have, the less you are affected by such fluctuations.

If you have little or no buffer to protect you from downswings (streaks of bad luck), you can Total loss (Risk of Ruin) you will lose over and over again without being able to get through such negative series and get back into the profit zone.

I'll show you using a graph as an example:

Bankroll Management - Risk of Ruin

If you have $100 in your bankroll, the first downswing will make you bankrupt. Maybe you have some money left, maybe you need to digest the loss and quit.

That's the way you'll always be. When your $100 is gone, you quit.

But you're missing out on the fact that luck could be on your side again if you had more room to maneuver. With a bankroll of $200 you would have survived this first downswing and made a little profit again. But it would still have gone downhill again at some point. Then the $200 is gone too.

With $300, you could have also endured this downswing and then benefited from a strong upswing (lucky streak).

Better yet, if you have even more of a buffer so that such short-term fluctuations don't throw you off too much.

That is why 100 to 300 minimum units have proven to be effective.

It's better to save and play with more money than to have to constantly pay money again.


Black Jack Side Bet - Perfect Pair

Matching the bankroll management, you should also determine the stakes.

Up to a bankroll of $1500, you should have no more than $5 as your standard bet.

Bear in mind that this Insert is increased by card counting.

We can only have an advantage over the casino if we bet more in good situations and only the minimum bet or ideally nothing at all in bad situations.

To play blackjack with the count cards to be profitable, we need an operating margin of 8 or more!

We make our bet dependent on the True Count. (See: Counting cards - The ultimate guide)

  • If the True Count is negative, 0 or +1, we bet nothing or the minimum bet.
  • With a True Count of +2, we set 2 units.
  • With a True COunt of +3 we set 4 units
  • With a True Count of +4, we set 6 units.
  • If the True Count is +6, there are 8 units.

Thus, instead of the $5, we even bet up to $40 per hand. On average, the average bet will be around 10 - 15 dollars, since most hands are still played with the minimum bet.

However, in order to be able to bet high in good situations, we need a buffer that is large enough. If we don't have enough to bet in these good situations, we won't be able to get the maximum out of every situation in the long run and will inevitably bet less. win or even make a loss.

Also keep in mind that if you are in a good situation with a high count, you may get the opportunity to make your hand double or share a pair!

Then suddenly you have to be able to double even a big bet without fear of going bankrupt.

You see: bankroll and bankruptcy are close together.


Unless you're a full-time blackjack pro, you'll probably only get to real casinos a few times a year. The classic is a weekend in Las Vegas. To avoid being overwhelmed by the atmosphere, it's a good idea to split your bankroll into a trip bankroll.

For example, if you are going to play blackjack for 3 days, divide your bankroll into three parts.

If your bankroll is $1500, take a maximum of $500 as your daily bankroll. If you have a bad day, you will still have enough money for the other days.