Casino Experience - Blackjack Win
      19, Apr 2020
      My best online casino experiences at a glance

      Heute gebe ich einen Überblick über meine Erfahrungen in verschiedenen Online Casinos. Als das Spielen in Online-Casinos noch verboten war habe ich dort sogenannte No-Deposit-Boni angebommen und auch in dem ein oder anderen mein eigenes Geld beim Blackjack riskiert.

      However, my overall balance sheet looks sobering. I have not risked much money, but the profits are clearly count on one hand. In most casinos I have never seen my money again. In other casinos, you at least have a certain entertainment factor before you slowly but surely lose the money.

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      Good experience in online casinos

      The good experience in online casinos must be distinguished between financial success and the pure gaming experience.

      Those who are only out to win, will make good experiences in the fewest online casinos. However, if you see gambling as entertainment, other things are more important than increasing your money. e.g. an attractive graphical interface and a large selection of games.

      The games should still have a fair payout ratio so that the money deposited does not change hands immediately.

      For German players, there should also be a license in Schleswig-Holstein or at least one of a European country that is a member of the EU. This way you can be relatively sure that you will get your money back or can make a withdrawal if you do not want to risk more. However, you can never be sure.

      Casumo Casino Experience

      Things didn't go so well at Casumo Casino. However, that was my own fault. The casino owes me €100, which I stupidly gambled away at roulette.

      However, in defense, Casumo Casino is better than most other casinos. This is mainly because I have played more than 3 hours there. In such a long time you would go broke at many other casinos long ago.

      Casumo Casino also offers 200 free spins spread over the first ten days for new registrations. So even after losing your money, you can still hope for a small redemption win.

      For this reason, I believe that Casumo Casino is one of the fairer online casinos.

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      Experience at William Hill Online Casino

      With a slightly different tactic, but with just as much luck, we were also able to record a nice win at William Hill Casino recently.

      At Roulette we alternated our tactics and played sometimes on numbers and then again on colors or thirds. That we could end the session with a profit of 200 € was due to the fact that Dr. High-Roller accidentally placed a 5 € bet on a number instead of the usual 1 € bet.

      When we noticed the mistake, we had just won €180, as one of the two numbers bet in the roulette wheel came up.I

      I alone had already had a full plus in roulette at the William Hill Casino, but in the end greed has defeated me. With a deposit of € 200 I had arrived in the meantime at € 600 and have gambled away everything again. Nevertheless, my example and that of Dr Highroller shows that as a new player at the William Hill Casino, you have to place your bets in the right place. double can. If you are happy with that, the casino is recommendable.

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      Experience at Mr Green Casino

      When it comes to which casino offers the most games and makes a professional impression, I spontaneously always think of Mr Green Casino. It probably also plays a role that the casino is known from TV advertising and has built up the image of a gentleman casino.

      In many areas, Mr Green is innovative and sets new standards. The so-called Green Gaming is especially recommended for players with gambling addiction. Since you can set strict limits there and reduce your loss a little.

      For me, Mr Green Casino is one of the few online casinos where I have made a profit. With a deposit bonus I have more than doubled the stake from a € 100 deposit with blackjack and slots.

      Auch bei meiner Online Blackjack Challenge mit Radeks Online Blackjack System habe ich 100 € Gewinn im Mr Green Casino gemacht. Auch wenn meine Gewinne nicht zu verallgemeinern sind, würde ich denn noch sagen, dass es möglich ist bei Mr Green etwas zu win.

      I have summarized and collected my negative experiences with online casinos in the article "Online Casino Fraud".

      Feel free to write me your best online casino experience in the comments!

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