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Play blackjack online: Win real money with these tips

Play blackjack online: Win real money with these tips

Blackjack online playing is fun. But it's even more fun when you're winning! So that you do not have to rely only on your luck in the future, we give you here the best Tipsplay blackjack online and make real money in the process. win can!

Online blackjack is good training for the real casino for beginners and advanced players alike. With online blackjack, you can learn the perfect way to play and the best way to win, without time pressure and with small stakes. count cards practice.

Where do we play blackjack online?

The best experiences with blackjack we have at CASINO WINNER made. There is the BEST SELECTION at tables with live dealers! Compared to other online casinos, the winnings at CASINO WINNER are actually paid out and that's why I would definitely recommend CASINO WINNER!

CASINO WINNER has many live tables for Black Jack and a Fast payout of winnings.
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The more you practice blackjack in online casinos, the better prepared you will be for the real casino.

Which online casino is reputable?

We often play in the Playamo Casinobecause there is a huge selection of tables with live dealers and the winnings are credited to your account more quickly.

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But be careful and don't bet too much! The odds are against you in online blackjack. At least until you have a clue how to win at blackjack.

Let's change that now! Are you ready? Then let's get started!

Where can I play Blackjack Online?

Depending on which country you are in, there may be restrictions on where you can play blackjack online. In Germany, all blackjack tables were banned from online casinos in 2020 as part of the new State Treaty on Gambling. However, there are still some online casinos with European Gambling-licence, which continue to offer online blackjack with live dealers for players from all over the world.

The best casinos for online blackjack

There are online casinos like sand on the sea. Two things are particularly important to us:

  1. Gambling license of an EU country (e.g. Malta)
  2. quick and easy Payout

Online casinos take your money in stride. But when it comes to paying out winnings, they all throw as many stones in the way as possible.

Almost all online casinos make your life difficult to get your money.

That's why I would like to highlight one casino in particular that pays out winnings super-fast within a few hours:


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The Casumo Casino.

Such a quick and easy payment we have not experienced at any other online casino in the last 10 years.

So if you want to work stress-free in a reputable online casino wants to play, is with Casumo at the right address.

If you're not a Casumo member yet, you're doubly lucky!

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This is how you will win at online blackjack!

Blackjack offers players like you and me the best Odds of all casino games. But for that you need a few skills, which we teach you here.

If you rely purely on your luck or gut feeling, you will unfortunately have less success than with the Roulette. Denn Black Jack verzeiht keine Fehler.

free blackjack online strategy

  1. Take advantage of bonuses and promotions
  2. Play with the perfect blackjack strategy
  3. Learn Card Counting
  4. Only bet a small part of your bankroll at a time


Play blackjack online: Win real money with these tips - August 16, 2018

I'll be honest with you: a casino bonus is just a bait-and-switch offer. Casinos lure you in with the prospect of free money, but there's always a catch. Every casino bonus comes with bonus conditions. You can't just withdraw the bonus money into your account. It's purely for practice. That's a good thing, though, because you'll be able to play blackjack online for a lot longer than with your own money.

Mit einem Casino-Bonus bekommst du für deine Einzahlung meist den gleichen Betrag als Bonus hinzu. Wenn du 100 Euro deposit, kannst du mit 200 Euro Blackjack spielen.


Beginner you will have lost the 100 euros after a few hours. Rather faster. In rare cases, gamblers with a lot of luck manage to win an amazing profit. But the longer the player bets money in the casino, the more surely the account balance shrinks.

So with a casino bonus you can increase your playing time double and practice blackjack twice as long.


Maybe you think that you can't lose much in roulette because you can bet on red or black, right? Well, that's true. However, there is 0, which is one of 37 numbers. So the probability of winning at roulette is only about 48%. In blackjack, if you're a good player, you can have a winning chance of 49%. What doesn't sound like much is actually a 5x better chance of winning than in roulette!

What a load of rubbish! How can that be?

Okay, look out! The casino has a house edge of 2.7% in roulette because of the zero.

If you play blackjack strictly according to the Black Jack Table reduces the House edge of the casino to approx. 0.5%. 

2.7 divided by 0.5 equals 5.4.

You can see that your chances are much better with blackjack than with roulette. At least if you follow the blackjack table.

With the Black Jack table you have the best decisions at a glance. Use this table when playing in online casinos Play blackjackto improve your chances of winning and reduce your losses.

The strategy table shows you the mathematically correct decision in every situation. That doesn't mean you'll win every hand. But you will win more in the long run.

Play 1000 hands purely by feel and calculate exactly how much you lose.

Then play 1000 hands exactly according to the specifications of the Black Jack Strategy.

I bet you you'll lose a lot less!

And even if not: then play 10,000 hands or 100,000. At some point, the greatest luck in the world comes to an end and maths wins. That's why they say "The bank always wins."

The strategy table alone is therefore unfortunately not enough to win something in the long term and predictable in blackjack.

You'll lose less and, if you're lucky, you'll end a few evenings in the black. But on the sum of all casino visits you will inevitably make a loss.

Otherwise, the casinos wouldn't exist. And blackjack is responsible for the main turnover of casinos in Las Vegas. This is even more amazing because it is the only casino game where you, as a player, can beat the casino with the help of your brain.

Obviously, Americans and all tourists who play blackjack in Las Vegas are missing something crucial to success.


Dou've probably seen a film or series in which someone wins big at blackjack. These winners are not lucky. They use their brain to recognise when they have an advantage over the dealer. This technique is called "counting cards". 

The Films and series make you believe that card counting is a very complicated science. It's actually just simple plus and minus maths that every primary school pupil can do. Ok, there's a bit of dividing and fractions involved, but that's not a challenge for most people.

This only becomes difficult in the heat of the moment. At a casino table Maps counting is very different to doing it alone at home on your computer or smartphone. The following things are constantly bombarding you in a matter of seconds:

  • The dealer wants you to place your bet.
  • You have to decide how much to bet.
  • Teammates want to talk to you or scream with joy or anger.
  • The waitress wants to take your order
  • You accept the offer of free drinks with thanks and are quickly drunk
  • Music should distract you.
  • In Vegas, super-attractive dancers may be dancing around in front of you, scantily clad.
  • Lights flashing everywhere
  • The people from the dice table shout as if Liechtenstein had become football world champion
  • Thousands of slot machines beeping away continuously
  • You have to keep every card you play in your head...
  • You have to make a decision whether to take another card or stand still.
  • You might be able to double, split, or even surrender.
  • You need to calculate how much you want your next bet to be.

Ich admit it: I didn't last a minute at the beginning until I stopped counting again. It's too much at once for a little human brain that just wants to have fun.

That's why you have to get along in this atmosphere first.

It's all the easier when you've practiced the hardest part a thousand times: Counting cards.

Fortunately, you can play blackjack online from the comfort of your own home these days and you don't have to pay a lot of empty money at the real casino.

If you want to learn more about card counting, check out this in-depth article about it:



If you've ever played poker, then you know that the be-all and end-all of a successful gambler is bankroll management. Staking too much will cause you to go bankrupt quickly. Unless you're extremely lucky. But be honest: no one wants to depend on luck when they can have it in their own hands.

Even in blackjack, bankroll management determines whether you leave the table as a winner or loser in blackjack.

I really don't want to bug you, but because it's so important, I'll repeat it again: there is no escaping mathematical probability.

You're gonna lose if you don't do everything right.

And that also means that you ALWAYS have to base the size of your bets on the size of your bankroll.

Not 100% accurate, but at least in a strict dependency.

What is a bankroll?

Your bankroll is the total amount of money you have available to play with.

You don't need this money in your life.

You can lose that money without feeling bad.

Everyone's starting bankroll is different. What level are you at?

  1. One doesn't actually have any money to waste.
  2. The other one is sceptical and wants to risk only 100 Euro for the time being.
  3. Yet another has saved or been given 1000 euros that he wants to risk
  4. A blackjack pro has saved up 10,000 or 20,000 euros and trained like a madman before going to the casino.

Don't worry, I didn't start at level 4 either, I started at level 2 and worked my way up to level 4 over several years.

The faster and more successful this is, depends on the Number of hours from working out, playing online, practicing card counting, and playing in real casinos.

Only those who invest a lot of time may be rewarded with money in the end.

Now, if you're still in the mood, check out the article here on Bankroll management in blackjack.

If you have all these Points you will also be successful at blackjack in the online casino.

Maybe not right away, but eventually.

And then you'll be ready to put the fear of God into the real casinos!

Different types of blackjack

Most are familiar with the traditional card game as well as the different versions of 21 aware, but many do not realise that there are several Variants of blackjack in different casinos.

Online casinos in particular like to create new and exciting variations of traditional card games. That's because they don't have the space limitations that land-based casinos have.

Without worrying about the limited physical space for Tables Online casinos can cater to players' individual betting preferences to a greater extent than land-based casinos.

Among the many different varieties are Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Spanish 21 and Hi-Lo. There are some other less popular versions that have different blackjack rules and payout potential. And quite a few games now include side bets to spice things up.

Online casinos make it easy to find and play a variety of different blackjack games, so you can choose the ones that best suit your playing style and strategies.

Live Blackjack

Live dealer in online blackjackIf you Live Blackjack online compared to other card games, you get the advantage of visually enhanced games with excellent sound and graphics.

You also have the option to play with live dealers, against the computer, with multiple players or just against the house at your own table.

This is achieved through streaming video. You will see and hear the dealer, but you and the other players will not be able to see and hear each other.


When you first visit an online casino, you quickly realize that there are several variations of blackjack. The most common and perhaps most popular variant is the classic Vegas Strip Blackjack. This version of the game is widely known for its exceptionally low house edge and uses the standard rule set that has become synonymous with the word blackjack worldwide.

Other popular versions are Double Exposure Blackjack, in which both of the dealer's cards are exposed, Double Attack Black, in which the player can double his bet after the dealer's face-up card has been dealt but before his own cards have been dealt, and Blackjack Switchwhere the player is dealt two hands and can switch between them. The best blackjack strategy may vary slightly between these different versions. But sticking to the regular basic blackjack strategy works for all variations of blackjack.

In some blackjack games, you are also allowed to "surrender". If you believe that the odds are heavily against you, you may surrender and only bet half of your original stake. Use lose. This can happen if, for example, you have 15 or 16 and the dealer has a Ace or ten shows. It may sound a little strange not to take another card, but it improves your long-term chances of winning. If you have the opportunity to play blackjack with the surrender option, you should always do so as it improves your chances of winning.

The skill factor has also made blackjack popular in tournament form. Of course, you need a lot of luck to win an online blackjack tournament, but with a good strategy, you need significantly less luck than your average opponent. It's also a lot of fun to pit your wits against real opponents instead of the house.

Most online casinos today offer regular tournaments in blackjack and other popular casino games. One of the most popular forms of blackjack tournaments is elimination blackjack. If you apply basic blackjack strategy when playing elimination blackjack, you might come out on top. Especially against opponents who rely more on "feel" than actual odds.


PlayTech's Blackjack Surrender uses six normal 52-card decks. The Decks are shuffled before each new hand is dealt. Player Blackjack always wins, and the dealer has to bet on every 17. The difference between Blackjack Surrender and normal Blackjack is that the player is allowed to "surrender", i.e. give up the hand and get half of his bet back.

In all other aspects, Blackjack Surrender is played like regular Blackjack, but since you get better odds in the Surrender version, it makes more sense to play it than the regular variant.

The "Surrender" function is useful if, for example, the player has a hard 16 and the dealer shows an ace or a ten. This way, you only lose half your stake if it is very likely that the dealer has beaten you.

Tip: Always surrender when you have 16 and the dealer's up card is an ace, a ten or even a nine. If you have 15, you should also surrender if the dealer has a ten.


The standard blackjack variant at PlayTech is the most basic form of blackjack with all the standard rules, but there is no surrender option. It has six standa

If you double up, you only get one more card. You can split any pair, but if you Aces split, you also receive only one additional card, and if you receive a card with 10 values on one of the aces, it does not count as Blackjack.

This is exactly the same game as Blackjack Surrender; the only difference being that surrendering is not allowed. Because of the slightly worse odds, experienced players often choose the surrender variant.

Tip: Never use a Insurance conclude. The house edge is too steep to justify an insurance bet in any situation.


Progressive jackpots have never been that popular, but they are slightly more common in slots than in traditional blackjacks. In this case, you need to add an optional Side bet to qualify for the jackpot. In almost all other aspects, PlayTech's Progressive Blackjack has the same Rules like the Classic Blackjack with six decks. Surrender is not possible.

The optional side bet of $1 gives you the chance to win the progressive jackpot. There are also a number of smaller, but still substantial Paymentsaccording to the table:

  • 4 matching aces win the progressive jackpot
  • 3 Matching Aces Pay 5000:1
  • 4 aces (each suit) pay 2500:1
  • 3 Aces (each suit) pay 250:1
  • 2 matching aces pay 100:1
  • 2 Aces (any suit) pay 25:1

Tip: If the progressive jackpot exceeds $200,000, the game reaches the break-even point, and beyond that the player actually has the "edge". However, if the jackpot is relatively small, the house edge will be very large.


PlayTech's Blackjack Switch is a very innovative game that offers players excellent odds. It allows you to play two hands at the same time and switch cards between the hands (an old cheating maneuver). The player must place two bets of the same size and is dealt two different hands from a six-deck shoe. The top card in each hand can be freely switched between hands.

This is obviously a huge advantage for the player, and to compensate for it, the dealer automatically ties on 22 if the player has 21 or lower, except when the player has a blackjack. A dealer blackjack also beats a player blackjack, and a blackjack pays only 1 to 1.

Despite the disadvantages mentioned above, Blackjack Switch is still a very good game for the player because of the great advantage of the Switch rule. You are allowed to double down and split hands as usual, and you can also double down on a split hand.

Tip: The decision to switch is obvious in most cases. Always make a blackjack when you can, and switch when it gives you the opportunity to

to split or double if it is favorable (according to the basic strategy).


MicroGaming offers "Gold" variants of some of their games, but the main difference between the Gold series and the regular games are some elements of the design - the Gold versions have better graphics and sound in general.

Basically, Classic Blackjack Gold is the simplest blackjack variant in the casino. It only uses a 52-card deck, the dealer stands on all 17s, and you can only double down on 9, 10, or 11. There is no redemption option.

Because of the single platform, the odds are slightly better than average, and if you play regular blackjack without any extra gimmicks or side

betting, this could be a good choice.

Tip: If you decide to split a pair of aces and draw a 10 card on your ace, that usually doesn't count as blackjack - only 21, and you don't get paid 3 to 2.


Every blackjack enthusiast's dream is to see both of the dealer's cards instead of just the one. In Double Exposure Blackjack, you can. However, it doesn't come without its drawbacks; the rules are changed to compensate for the disadvantage of getting so much information.

This game uses eight standard decks, and the player is allowed to double down on 9, 10, and 11, and just like regular blackjack, you can also split your pairs. Some other rules have been changed to win back the house edge (which is still relatively small):

The dealer wins all draws except for a blackjack.
Player Blackjack pays 1:1 instead of 3:2
There is no possibility of late delivery.
Dealer meets soft 17
Blackjack Variations Double Exposure

Tip: The "dealer wins all ties" rule is obviously the most worrying. On the other hand, two dealer up cards are a great advantage, and the end result is a pretty good game with good odds.


Spanish Blackjack is a bit of a strange variant - there are eight decks in the shoe, but all the 10s have been taken out so that they have 48 cards each. This is apparently bad for the player, as a deck rich in 10s is good for the player.

However, Spanish Blackjack differs from the Double Exposure and Switch variants in that in this game the rules have been changed in favor of the player. Although the player gets fewer blackjacks because of the missing tens, there are some special payouts that occur with specific hands.

7-7-7 of the same suit opposite a dealer 7 pays 50 to 1. Any 6-7-8 or 7-7-7 receives a special bonus payout, as does a 21 with 5, 6 or 7 cards. The player may double down on any two cards, and a player 21 always wins. You can also double down twice and split and re-split the hands.

Tip: You need to approach Spanish blackjack a little differently than regular blackjack. For example, you should always hit when one of the special 6-7-8 bonuses is possible.

Triple Sevens Progressive Blackjack

Instead of the aces in PlayTech's progressive blackjack variant, sevens are the wonder cards in this game. Triple Sevens Blackjack uses 5 normal 52-card decks, and to win the progressive jackpot you need three sevens diamonds.

Besides the progressive jackpot, this is a standard blackjack variant in almost every other aspect. You can split pairs and double down on 9's, 10's and 11's, and the dealer stands on all 17's. Since all sevens are good in this game, you should always hit on two sevens - three sevens of any suit pays 250:1.

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