Blackjack variants - 21 different games in check
Blackjack variants - 21 different games in check

Blackjack variants - 21 different games in check

There are more than 20+ blackjack variants and all have different rules and odds. Here we have the most important blackjack variants in check!

Black Jack variants in check

Almost every casino offers a special blackjack variant to make the game even more exciting for the guests. But how do the Chances of winning these blackjack variants? Do you win more or even less there than with the classic Black Jack Rules? We show you the most popular blackjack variants and their pitfalls.

Where do we play blackjack online?

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Players sometimes get bored with a traditional Blackjack table. Then it can be fun to switch to a different game. In the past, blackjack players have switched to games such as craps or Roulette are also available. The conditions for these games are not exactly ideal compared to blackjack.

Which online casino is reputable?

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The inventors of the game understood this and developed many blackjack variants to keep the game fun. One rule that applies to all blackjack variants listed below is that the dealer hits the soft 17. Blackjack does not always pay out 3-2 at these tables.

There may be a rule where the dealer pushes players to the left if the house hand comes up 22. In traditional blackjack games this is a Bust.

Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch is probably the most popular blackjack variant. In this variant, players must bet on two hands at the same time. The stated minimum bet in Blackjack Switch can be deceptive. Players must place two bets that are at least equal to this amount in order to participate in the game.

Players can switch a card from one hand to the other or change the Cards keep them as they were dealt. Doubling down before and after splitting is allowed, as is re-splitting aces. Blackjack only pays even money. An exchanged blackjack is only a 21. When the dealer makes a 22, all hands that are still alive are pushed.

Free Bet Blackjack

In Free Bet Blackjack, players can double down on 9, 10 and 11 for free. Players can also split for free on any pair that is not equal to 20. A free double down after the free split is also allowed. In return for these friendly rules, the dealer pushes every live hand when 22 is reached.

Blackjack 6:5 pays at most Free Bet Blackjack tables. These games are among the worst blackjack games in the country. Exceptions are the Pennsylvania casinos and the Las Vegas casinos (Golden Gate, The D, Eastside Cannery and Plaza). These casinos pay 3:2.

Spanish 21

Spanish 21 is a dying game these days. It was absent from Las Vegas for years before reappearing at the Venetian and Palazzo. It's also common in several Pennsylvania and Atlantic City casinos.


Playamo Casino Bonus

Doubling is allowed at any card count and after splitting, even if you score a hit. Players can give up after doubling, which is called a double down Rescue is known. Aces can be hit and split again. A 21 hand always wins.

There are bonus payouts for a 21 of five cards, 777 and 678. The price for these player-friendly rules is that 10s from the Deck are removed. The other face cards with a value of ten are still in play. This causes the dealer to fold more often and therefore fewer blackjacks are dealt. Players will therefore play a few more stiff hands.

Super Fun 21

Super Fun 21 is a game that is often played in single or double deck format. Players can double down on any number of cards, even after a split. Split aces can be hit and split again. You can surrender at any time, even after you have hit and doubled. Blackjack always wins, but only even money is paid unless it is a Ace and one diamond card. In this case, the player receives a payout of 2:1.

Most Liberal 21

Most Liberal 21 is only available at the Plaza in downtown Las Vegas. It was also previously available at sister casino Las Vegas Club before it closed in August 2015.

In this game, players can double down with any number of cards. Surrendering is allowed, even after a card has been drawn. Aces can be split, split again and hit. Doubling down after splitting aces is also allowed. A 21 with five or more cards automatically wins. Blackjack only pays even-numbered, unless it is suited. Then it pays 2:1.

War Blackjack

War Blackjack is more of a Side bet as a game, even if the table advertising gives a different impression. A player can place a bet on whether his first face-up card will beat the dealer's door card. The ace is low for this purpose. The dealer wins all ties. A player has the option to cap the Blackjack bet with the War Blackjack side bet if he wins. The hand is then completed as normal.

Face Up Blackjack

Face Up Blackjack is one of the many names used to describe a blackjack game where all cards are dealt face up, including the dealer's cards. This clearly gives the player a big advantage, but there are rules to balance this out. The rules may vary from one casino to another, but as a rule players are only allowed to double down on 10s and 11s and not after splitting. In blackjack, an even sum is paid out, and in the event of a tie, the dealer usually wins. In all other ties, the dealer wins.

Bottoms Up Blackjack used to be played at the Riviera in Las Vegas. It was discontinued in 2014. That was the last time it was dealt in Las Vegas. It is still offered in casinos in Primm on the Nevada-California border. It is also offered by some online casinos.

Before you sit down at the table, you should check the Strategy for Face Up Blackjack. There are significant differences between this game and a traditional game.

Double Attack Blackjack

Double Attack Blackjack is available at Bally's in Las Vegas and Harrah's in Atlantic City. Spanish 21 decks are used, i.e. there are no ten cards. The face cards are still in the deck. The game has typical rules, except that one player can play the original Insert after seeing the dealer's door card.

Zombie Blackjack

Zombie Blackjack is available at the Red Rock Resort in the Las Vegas suburb of Summerlin. If the dealer shows a 7, 8, 9, 10, a face card or an ace and the player folds, the bet is not automatically lost. It is paid out when the dealer busts the hand. However, 22 is a push to compensate for this rule. Blackjack pays out at 6:5, making it one of the worst blackjack games in Las Vegas.

Down Under Blackjack

In Down Under Blackjack, the player learns the range of the dealer's face-down card when it shows a ten, a picture or an ace. The dealer says that the card is low, i.e. two to five, medium, i.e. six to nine, or high, i.e. a ten or ace. This helps the player to decide whether to "hit" or "stand" on questionable hands. The Push on 22 rule applies to Down Under Blackjack. It is common in the Excalibur on the Las Vegas Strip.

Online Blackjack Variations

Some blackjack variants are easier to play online than in live casinos. Also, online casinos can offer more blackjack variants because they don't need table space for less popular games.

Zappit Blackjack

Zappit Blackjack is only available at Bovada. It is a traditional blackjack game with a very important rule change. A player who receives a 15, 16 or 17 can discard both cards and draw a new hand. When 15, 16 or 17 are dealt, players should always receive a new hand. In return for this player-friendly rule, the house raises the bet if the dealer draws a 22 on any hand. Players can bet on any two cards and after the Splitting double. Blackjack pays 3:2, but split blackjacks only pay even money.

European Blackjack

European Blackjack is played like a traditional game, with one big difference. The dealer does not receive a hole card until the player acts. This rule changes some decisions for the player in terms of doubling the 11 against a 10 and splitting the 8. This is how blackjack is played in most European casinos. Americans find it only in online casinos, including the regulated ones offered by Atlantic City Resorts.


Online Pontoon is an online game that uses the theory of blackjack, but is played with several rule variations. The player is dealt two cards. The dealer gets a card face up only after the player has acted. The player must hit until the hand is at least 15. A pontoon is a blackjack that consists of an ace and a face card.

Pontoon pays 2-1. It is considered a pontoon even if it occurs after a split. The player can double down on two, three or four cards. This is also allowed after splitting. Aces can be split, hit and doubled again.

The best hand is a pontoon. The second best hand is a five-card trick, i.e. any five-card scoring hand. Like Pontoon, it pays 2:1. All other hands are ranked according to their point value. The dealer wins all ties.
Online Pontoon is available on the platforms of Real Time Gaming, Microgaming and Playtech. Pontoon has a different meaning in Australia. Spanish 21 is called Pontoon there.

4 Things You Should Know About Blackjack Variations

There are a few important things you should know about blackjack variations (when playing).

1. online casinos offer a limited number of blackjack games and variants.

You'll quickly realize that most casinos only have a handful (or less) of blackjack games on offer. Variations like Spanish 21 or Live Dealer Blackjack are hard to find, and others like European Blackjack or Perfect Pairs vary from casino to casino.

The downside to this is that you may not find your variation at a casino that is not worth playing at for one reason or another (roulette, no adequate deposit methods or support, not accepting US players, etc.). To avoid problems, I recommend using the top lists on each of our blackjack variation pages to find a starting point. Then read the reviews, and if a casino seems suitable, use the links on our site to visit the casino and create an account. This is the best and fastest way to find a blackjack casino where you want to play the variations you want.

2. not every variant is available online.

Unfortunately, not every blackjack variation is available online. Some variations are even not available from one casino to another.

3. side bets increase the house advantage.

It is important to understand that blackjack variants with side bets have higher house edges. Some can be as high as 5, 10 or 15 percent. So you should either avoid these side bets or avoid blackjack variants altogether. If you are worried about the House advantage it's best to stick with traditional blackjack and use a basic strategy. You can find out more about the house edge and why it is important here.

4. blackjack tournaments and sit and gos are also variants.

We haven't listed them on this page, but blackjack tournaments and sit and goes are another type of blackjack variant. These tournaments are similar to poker tournaments, where you buy in with a fixed amount, and once you lose your chips, you're out. Only the best players (this varies from game to game) get paid.

We have already written about blackjack tournaments and sngs and also where you can play them. You can read that article here.