Online Casino Slot Wild Water
Online Casino Slot Wild Water

Online Casino Slot Wild Water

Today there is a online casino Test with the slot Wild Water. Our Experience find out in our exclusive casino test of this real money game!

Balance in the online casino slot Wild Water

  • Account balance at the beginning: 100 Euro
  • Insert per spin: 0,20 Euro
  • Turns total: 100
  • Total stake: 20 Euro
  • Highest win: 3 Euro
  • Bonus feature: no free spins or bonuses achieved
  • Account balance at the end: 96,60 Euro
  • Profit / loss: - 3.40 E<yuro

Rating of Wild Water

  1. Design, Graphics & Animation 16/20
  2. Sound & Music: 16/20
  3. Free spins and special features: 17/20
  4. Gameplay: 18/20
  5. Possibility of winning: 16/20

Design, Graphics & Animation

Really racy, summery and original comes the NetEnt Slot "Wild Water" on the 5 reels and 20 paylines and is therefore just the right thing for slot fans who want to take a nice - and hopefully also profitable - "Summer Grind" on online slots. I find the implementation of the surfer theme very successful here, and the graphics, animations and colors always seem pleasant overall. Blue sea, beautiful people and blue sky, now only beautiful wins are missing for perfect happiness!

Sound & Music

Sound and music have of course also been chosen by the developer to match the surfer scene. The relaxed and unobtrusive music to the sound of the waves helps to create a positive mood at all times. You can also hear the voices of cheerful bathers in the background, so that I almost felt like I was at some kind of summer party during this lively game. I give it 16 out of 20 Points - With Wild Water I would use the Always leave the sound on in any case.

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Free Spins & Special Features

With no less than three special features, Wild Water is quite lush. There is the Surf's Up and the even more lucrative Surf Team Bonus (200x Payout)For each of these, surfers must appear on all five reels, and three scatters bring, as usual, the coveted free spins. However, you have to achieve these first, which I did not succeed in the test. To be fair, 100 spins are of course not quite as statistically significant. The Swedish manufacturer has managed very well to always build up the tension nicely before reaching the coveted features. The Shark as wild symbol I've encountered quite a few, which is a plus.

Gaming fun

Just because of the unusual design (symbols extend over several reels and are partially or fully visible), you like to sit at the buttons in Wild Water longer than in the usual slots. The fast-paced music, the touch of retro and regular wins add to this, so that I personally never lost the fun of playing. All accruing wins are always "celebrated" graphically and acoustically accordingly. Even though I only completed 100 spins for the test: I definitely see potential in Wild Water to sweeten several hours of gaming.

Winning opportunities

Unlike many other slots I've tried before, Wild Water throws in nice regularity small and medium sized profits so that you rarely get frustrated in this respect. If you add the theoretical Opportunities Add to this the bigger winnings in free games and the surf bonuses, and this NetEnt slot machine has a very attractive winning potential overall with fairly consistent gaming fun.

My highest win in the main game with 20 cent spins was 3 Euro (see graphic). Since I only just missed the bonus features several times, the test session could very easily have ended in the plus.

Overall rating

Overall, I can give Wild Water pretty good scores in all categories, as I didn't find any real negatives (which isn't really surprising given the generally high quality of NetEnt slots). I will definitely treat myself to this positive online slot game again soon, if only because it immediately puts you in a good mood from the first spin - and good entertainment while playing is almost as important to me as nice wins!