Online Casino Slot La Rouge in the test
Online Casino Slot La Rouge in the test

Online Casino Slot La Rouge in the test

La Rouge is a online casino Slot in black, white and red. There are several features that make the game interesting. But if these features don't come, the whole thing is pointless, of course. That's why my review of La Rouge is very sober.

Balance at the online casino slot La Rouge

  • Time played: 5 minutes
  • Account balance before: 370 Euro
  • Account balance afterwards: 350 Euro
  • Profit / Loss: -20 Euro

Evaluation of La Rouge

  1. Graphic: interesting black and white look, but small playing field - 3/10
  2. Animations: barely present - 3/10
  3. Sound: none? at least none heard - 0/10
  4. Music: no background music - 0/10
  5. Game Mode: 1 Euro per spin, 20 paylines - 5/10
  6. Specials: Joker Symbol (Marylin Monroe) - 5/10
  7. Free Spins: theoretically with three bonus symbols 20 free spins, but have not come 5/10
  8. Free Play Yield: get no free spins 0/10
  9. Gaming fun: without sounds very lame and exhausting due to small playing field 2/10
  10. Winning Opportunities: Very bad. Lost 20 euros in four minutes. - 1/10

Conclusion on La Rouge

The game would have potential if it had sounds and the playing field was bigger. This actually makes it pretty much unplayable. The 20 free spins would be appealing, but if they don't come, it's no use. I lost 20 euros within 4 minutes and will certainly not start the game again so quickly.

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The rating of La Rouge also looks bad because of this. 24 Points ...are a bunch of crap.

more info about the slot La Rouge

The online casino industry is one where there is always room for more when it comes to games, jackpots and even developers. Old Skool Studios is committed to this theory, as it is the latest name to join the ranks of game developers. While there are many big players in the world of online slots, there are also smaller developers trying to make a name for themselves, including Old Skool Studios. They may have only developed a few games, but these games are grabbing the attention of slot fans around the world, and for good reason. La Rouge is one of their latest releases, and it's impossible to ignore the eye-catching appearance and lavish nature of this game with some sparkle.
Slot games have been trying to do something new for generations, though many fail while taking on the challenge. It's difficult to stand out in this crowded market, but Old Skool has never been afraid to try. It's clear from the outset that La Rouge video slot offers something new, but can this new - altogether alternative - approach create a game that's a must-play? Our review will answer that question, and more!
A Dame to Kill For
If we're going to start off the way we want to, it's impossible to deny the pizzazz and momentum of La Rouge. The game adopts a Sin City-like overlay that gives it a unique look. There aren't many online slots with this kind of theme currently on the market. This game is definitely attention grabbing, from the dark silhouettes to the glowing neon signs. The old school Sin City style is perfectly complemented by the great production values. Small developers often throw away half-baked games, but Old Skool Studios proves that sometimes they do something different. La Rouge looks and feels the part, and it's worthy of the praise we've come to expect from critics and players alike.


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