Online Casino Slot „Mega Fortune Jackpot“ im ultimativen Langzeit-Test
Online Casino Slot "Mega Fortune Jackpot" in the ultimate long-term test

Online Casino Slot "Mega Fortune Jackpot" in the ultimate long-term test

The online casino Slot-Spiel "Mega Fortune Jackpot" habe ich ausführlich fast zwei Stunden mit Echtgeld im Spinit Casino getestet.

Dabei habe ich mehr als 500 Drehungen mit einem Euro Einsatz absolviert. Zwischenzeitlich betrug der Verlust fast 150 Euro. Am Ende konnte ich ganze 52 Cent Gewinn verbuchen. Alles in allem war es ein Gang durch die Hölle mit Happy End. Die Lehre:

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to lose 150 euros or 52 cents win there's a difference.

Mega Fortune Jackpot Slot in the test

Graphics & Animations 11 / 20 points

The graphics are appealing, so you won't get tired of them even after playing for a long time. Animations are a few during the bonus rounds and free spins. All in all, solid design.

Sound & Music 12 / 20 points

Especially the teaser sound for the bonus round provides excitement. After all, you can hit the jackpot of 2.2 million euros by spinning the wheel of fortune! Sound and music have the right mix to not get on your nerves even after an hour.

Bonus & Free Spins Features 16 / 20 Points

Online Casino Mega Fortune JackpotBonus mode is activated by at least three Bonus Wheel of Fortune symbols on a line. Therein lies the problem. Because not all positions are on one of the 25 lines. Here you often miss out on bonus rounds if the symbol comes but doesn't stay in the right place on the reel. The bonus mode came up 5 times in 500 spins. However, the maximum win was a measly 7 euros. So the mode is very disappointing when you are lured with a win of 2.2 million.

Better Odds is the free spins mode, which is activated by at least three champagne bottles. You have to choose the number of free spins and the corresponding multiplier by clicking on one of the bottles. With luck, you will receive 10 free spins with a multiplier of X5. Special highlight: during the free spins you can win more free spins by clicking on only two more champagne bottles. My maximum win in the free spins was thus times 57 euros. Unfortunately, the free spins came similarly infrequently as the bonus mode and on average every 100 spins. So it pays to be patient. When the free spins are successfully completed, is perhaps also the right time to finish the game.

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Gameplay 4 / 20 points

A sensitive subject. Because with me it ran about 80 minutes extremely bad. After 400 spins I had a loss of almost 150 euros. Accordingly, my gaming fun testimony would have been bad at this point. However, since I was able to make up the loss in the last 100 spins, it looks a little different. To be fair, it's also an indicator of the quality of the game if it gives you almost two hours of entertainment. If you don't end up with a loss, you can even chalk it up as a success.

Nevertheless, the lean period was very long and consuming. For this you need, on the one hand, a great Bankroll not to go bankrupt and on the other hand strong nerves not to freak out. I felt like crying in the meantime, but I desperately clung to the statistics. It said that I had a house advantage of about 30% against me in the first 400 spins, which is a strong losing streak. So I was hopeful that it had to get better sooner or later, or it was a cheat casino. Fortunately, after 80 minutes of play, the payout ratio improved and I was able to recoup my losses from earlier in the day within 15 minutes.

Overall, it was a roller coaster ride of emotions, with the horror of a ghost train more applicable to most of the time. Again I do not need such a thrill. 90% the time I had little to no fun.

I'd rather win a little in the beginning and then gamble it all away again than invest a lot and then get out the same as I did in the beginning.

Winning possibilities 8 / 20

Theoretically, the game "Mega Fortune" has potential. The jackpot of 2.2 million seems within reach, but is still out of reach. The bonus mode is tempting, but mostly spits out disappointing small amounts of 3 - 7 euros. Only the free spins have it in themselves. But that alone was not enough to emerge from the Mega Fortune Slot as a winner. I could have stopped in the meantime with a loss of 150 euros, but then still had a lucky streak.

Conclusion about the Mega Fortune Jackpot Slot

All in all, after a record playing time of 1:40 minutes, I got away with a massive black eye - in the form of 52 cents profit. Just as well I could have noted 150 euros loss. So one can speak of wasted time. Had I had the lucky streak much earlier, rather than only after 400 spins, the conclusion to the Mega Fortune Jackpot Slot at Spinit Online Casino might have been more positive. How the game lands Mega Fortune Jackpot at an average 53 out of 100 points.

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