Fraud in online casinos
Fraud in online casinos

Fraud in online casinos

Ich habe jüngst zwei schlechte Experience mit Online Casinos gemacht. Ein Casino mit einem Panda-Bären als Maskottchen hat zwei Freunde von mir mit der Unterstellung „betrügerischer Aktivitäten“ gesperrt und ihr Geld ohne Nachweise der Beschuldigungen (die es natürlich nicht geben kann) einbehalten.

At another casino that is all about "spinning" in name, I was relieved of 300 euros in 20 minutes because the game JokerPro apparently didn't want to know about the casino's alleged 95% payback ratio.

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Online Casino Gamblers on Facebook

I went openly with my experiences in a supposedly suitable Facebook groups to ask for opinions there. Instead of helping me or discussing the issue, they wanted to keep it quiet out of fear of the online casinos.

I was advised that "experts" (without citing a source) had tested the casino and found it to be good.

Thus, I myself am deprived of the expert status, although I am probably the only German who really tests online casinos with his own money.

Only "experts" test online casinos

Did these "experts" for their "test reports" even play in the casinos? Or are they sites that make money from people signing up to casinos? I don't know any German website that risks money to really test a casino because they all know they would only lose the money.

Or are there any test videos, like mine, where someone shows how they get ripped off? Of course not! Everyone just posts their wins. If there was a negative review, no one would click on their valuable affiliate link after all. So they rate the casino well because they make money off the players' loss. And the loss is on average several hundred euros per player.

Proper Online Casino Test vs. Faketest

I almost wanted to. But then I have - compared to the faketesters - really tested there. And the test is still running. Today I also played the game Mystic Maids or something, which a user recommended to me. Minus 10 euros after 100 turns.

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Of course you can't prove anything serious with 400 euros as an individual. You would need a million to conduct a valid test. But even with small sums you can see a tendency that says more than a superficial "test" about the game offer and the design.

If a game collects 50 euros once in 100 spins, then that is absolutely nothing earth-shattering. But if it happens several times, it's not because I'm such a bad player or the game is "crap". It's a software problem. This is called in the technical language "lack of randomness" (lack of randomness) and should be checked by the TÜV or by the responsible licensing authority. Then there is no realistic, fair random principle.

In principle, I assume that every online casino enriches itself from the players. That is after all their Business model. Nothing wrong with that at all. I love casinos. Real casinos. And there are also good online casinos. No question about it. Some do it fairly (like the guy in the hat), some don't.

To mention the word fraud in this context is supposedly already punishable because of character assassination. If I come to a different conclusion in my real expert test, then I won't say that either. But seriously: What legal means does a commercial - based on the loss of people - gambling company that is located on a shabby Mediterranean island, because it operates in the semi-legal area and has no German license, then in hand?

So I wonder which is worse: scamming casinos or someone speaking their mind?

If you'd rather not read about fraud or unfairness, you're welcome to keep leaving your cash in stores like this. In any case, I wish everyone good luck. Who does not believe in luck, which should perhaps Blackjack spielen lernen.


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