Blackjack strategy: What do you do with 12 vs 4?

Sie spielen in einem Vier-Deck-Spiel und erhalten eine 3 und eine 9 für eine Zwei-Karten-Summe von 12, während der Dealer eine Upcard von 4 umdreht. Welche Option wählen Sie?

This may look inviting because if you have 12, there is only one card value you can bust on, which is a ten card (which includes tens and all face cards).

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Stop with 12 vs 4

If the dealer has an upcard of 4, there is a Bust opportunity of 40%. Conversely, man will be a loser 60% of the time. If you still take a third card in this situation with 12, you will win a little less and lose about 58% of your hands (pushes count for the difference).

This is a very close call. In fact, taking a card is almost as advantageous (if that's even the right word) as standing still.

There is very little advantage to standing here with 12 against a dealer's 4 - about half a percent, to be exact.

And you'll find, if you ever get into card counting, that if you have a rather low negative count (i.e., a higher than usual ratio of low value cards to high value cards that have yet to be played), you'll take one more card at 12 vs. a 4


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