Can two people play blackjack?
Can two people play blackjack?

Can two people play blackjack?

blackjack You can play in pairs both at home and in a real casino. In casinos you can even play blackjack with up to six players against the dealer.

How many blackjack players can play at the same time?

Blackjack can also be played alone against the dealer. This is then called "Heads Up" as in poker.

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However, at a blackjack table, in the Rule Space for up to seven players. Some casinos limit the number of players to 5 or less due to lack of space.

During the Corona pandemic of 2020/2021, for example, blackjack tables were only allowed for a maximum of three players and the individual seats were separated with plexiglass discs.

Compared to poker, players in blackjack do not play against each other. All blackjack players at a table have the same opponent: the dealer.

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However, there are blackjack tournaments where you also play against other players. In the first place, the aim is to beat the dealer. In the second step, the one who has won the most chips wins the tournament.


Play blackjack for two

Those who want to play Black Jack at home can also do so in pairs. There are two Variants:

  1. One is the dealer, the other the player (boring)
  2. additional cards are dealt for a fictitious dealer

If you want to play blackjack at home in pairs, one of the two players can simply be the dealer. However, the dealer can only make limited decisions within the framework of the dealer draw rules.

He must draw until he has at least 17.

This is very boring for the dealer and is only an option for practice purposes.


The second variant is more interesting if you also give cards to the fictitious dealer.

Since the dealer's actions require no creativity and are always the same (draw to 17), you can simply deal cards for the invisible dealer here.

You can mark the place of the dealer with a figure or an object and always put his cards there.

Before the cards are dealt, players must place their bets.

You can either use poker chips, real money, or other items like marbles, pencils, or something small that you have a lot of.

For example, I always play blackjack for marbles with my daughter.

Each player gets 10 or 20 marbles at the beginning.

The first card is dealt to the player to the left of the dealer, then to the second player and finally to the dealer himself.

The dealer's first card is face down, while the players' two cards are revealed.

Then the player to the left of the dealer gets his second card, then the second player and finally the dealer.

The dealer's second card is placed in public view.

The player to the left of the dealer gets to make his decision first.

When he's done, the other player takes his turn.

Then you turn over the dealer's card face down. If the dealer has less than 17 points, you draw cards until the dealer has 17 or more.

If a player has more points than the dealer, he wins.

The winner is the one who after Time X has more chips or has won a certain number of chips first.


When you go to the casino with a blackjack partner, you can play as a "team". This Strategy the best blackjack players in the world have used to win millions of dollars... win.

However, you rarely really play in pairs.

One of the two (the spotter) plays at a blackjack table and counts the cards. If a good situation arises, he gives a hidden sign to his partner so that he also sits down at the table.

The "gorilla" (or high roller) places higher stakes, as he only plays when the advantage is large and therefore the probability of winning is increased.

Another variation on how to play blackjack in pairs at the casino to gain an advantage is for the player whose turn it is first to make his decisions accordingly so that the following player has a greater chance of winning - and vice versa.

But for this you must already have a lot of experience and count cards can. Beginners would lose a lot of money unnecessarily with such a strategy.

The most fun in the casino is when you can play blackjack in pairs. Then no other players disturb the game flow or the conversations.

On the other hand, it is of course also the charm of Black Jack to meet new people from all over the world. In this way, you might also make a friend or two - at least for an evening.


Also, in an online casino, it is definitely more fun to play blackjack in pairs.

Either you meet and then play together on a computer and make the decisions together.

Or you can arrange to meet online via Skype or another means of communication and then play a game. Live Blackjack at the same table in the online casino.

This has the great advantage that you play much more cautiously in company than alone. This way you avoid big risks and losses. Provided you play with the right people who do not tempt you to make the wrong decisions.

This variant is used by blackjack expert Radek Vegas in his blackjack coaching sessions. You are connected to Radek via Skype and play together at a table in the agreed online casino. Radek gives thereby Tips from his 10-year blackjack career and helps players play better blackjack. In fact, his coaching sessions have been so successful that he now offers group coaching sessions. Just Google "blackjack coaching" if you want to learn how to play blackjack the right way.

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