Good and bad online casino experiences: reputable or scam?
Good and bad online casino experiences: reputable or scam?

Good and bad online casino experiences: reputable or scam?

Have you ever read an article about bad online casino experiences?

There are none!

Why is that?

Where do we play blackjack online?

The best Experience at blackjack we have at CASINO WINNER made. There is the BEST SELECTION at tables with live dealers! Compared to other online casinos, the winnings at CASINO WINNER are actually paid out and that's why I would definitely recommend CASINO WINNER!

CASINO WINNER has many live tables for Black Jack and a quick Payout from Win.
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Because there are no bad online casino experiences?

Which online casino is reputable?

We often play in the Playamo Casinobecause there is a huge selection of tables with live dealers and the winnings are credited to your account more quickly.

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Because those who comment on this subject are just casino advertisers.

On you will find honest information on both our good and critical online casino Experience!

And if you've had a bad online casino experience yourself, drop us a line. Email to!

We have no desire to recommend you any dubious online casinos.

Let's face it, there are no reputable online casinos.

Under German law, online casinos are until 2021 illegal.

All of them! No matter whether they have a dubious license in Schleswig-Holstein or are located on a second-rate EU island like Malta.


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Most of the online casinos are Rip-off and fraud.

We have played at just about every online casino and can only recommend a few!

Good online casino experience

What makes a good online casino experience?

  1. good payout ratio - this means fair Opportunitieslonger playing time and therefore more fun and entertainment
  2. easy and fast payout von eventuellen Gewinnen ohne künstliche Verzögerung und Hürden


Also, never accept a bonus when you're... play blackjack willst oder du vor hast etwas zu gewinnen.

With an online casino bonus you can play longer, but the chances of you ever getting your money back are almost 0!

We can only recommend two casinos here that have both a good

All casinos have a House advantage with which they earn a golden nose.

Some help the coincidence even further, making you think it's a scam.

Unfortunately, no one can control that, since the casinos can point to chance anyway.

Whether someone wins 90 times out of 100 spins on the machine or 80 times nothing, it's all covered in the chance section.

Likewise with computer blackjack, where the software is programmed so that players first make a slight profit and as soon as more is bet, the trap strikes.

At Blackjack in the live casino there are also ways in which casinos can increase their advantage. For example, fewer Aces mixed in so that players are less likely to get a blackjack.

Where money is involved and there are no controls, the door is wide open for fraud.

The majority of all players will lose a lot of money at the online casino, which is why the vast majority of online casino experiences are negative.

There are, of course, many who play even though they know full well that they will lose.

As professional Players are not interested in entertainment or beautiful graphics, but ONLY IN FAIR CHANCES!

What is the best online casino?

An good payout ratio between Insert and win/loss is one of the most important quality features of a reputable online casino. Casinos themselves state various "payout odds" here. But I wouldn't believe them!

These odds can only be verified through your own online casino experience.

We have carried out numerous online casino tests and analysed various Online casino tester sent to different casinos.

The casino testers have played various games. Always 100 spins with 10 cents bet.

In total, we have conducted 50 online casino tests. Of course, these tests are not absolutely conclusive. But it is the largest test conducted in online casinos so far.

The results were shocking! You can find them below.


Join our Casino Tester Club and help out with find the best online casinos and to warn against the bad ones.

Good online casino experience with free offers

Who does not play with real money can of course not win anything, BUT especially not lose anything!

Before falling for online casino scams or having a bad experience, it is better to take advantage of free offers.

Our TipDon't risk your own money in online casinos for now!

When it comes to reliable, fast and uncomplicated payouts, we can only recommend one online casino: The Casumo Casino.

We have done various blackjack coaching there and also won money playing live blackjack.

In such cases, we always advise our students to have their winnings paid out directly and, if possible, not to play in this casino again, as many casinos are characterised by the classic "beginner's luck".

So if you've won something at an online casino, it's best to cash out your winnings immediately!

Of course, many online casinos don't like this and will cause you problems!

Not so the Casumo Casino!

There we had on average after only 3 hours after the request for payment the money in the account!

That is an absolute top value.

For comparison: At many of the bad online casino we have partially WAIT WEEKS FOR OUR MONEY and with some we have even NEVER SEEN OUR MONEY AGAIN!

That's why we can really recommend Casumo Casino with a clear conscience!

Should you have another online casino experience at Casumo casino, please write us an email immediately!

Bad Online Casino Experiences

We believe that no one should risk a lot of money at the online casino! Ideally, you can afford to lose money or you are an experienced blackjack player.

Everyone else should keep their hands off!

EVERYONE who plays at online casinos wins something sometimes. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But the great mass of people lose.

For one person to win a jackpot, a thousand others have to lose something.

On average, each player loses an average of 500 euros in the online casino over his lifetime.

If you haven't made that cut yet, it may not be too late to stop.

The following things, we have experienced again and again in online casinos and read that also in numerous emails from affected people:

  • Beginner's Luck
  • good winnings with play money in test mode
  • very long series of losses with real money
  • high-stakes losses
  • unfulfillable bonus conditions that ensure that you can never cash out
  • payment takes ages

You should be especially skeptical of any website that advertises bonus offers!

These websites only aim to get you to sign up to the online casino and lose money.

So the websites are advertising online casinos.

You can be thought of as a middleman or a broker. They earn a commission when you lose money.

That's why they will never give you any real information or report critically about online casinos.

You won't find a bad online casino experience on these websites, only supposedly "great" bonus offers.

Worst Online Casino Experience at Royal Panda Casino

Now here we come to the absolute blacklist of worst online casino experiences.

I would never play at these casinos again and warn everyone else not to!

This includes, among others, the Royal Panda Casino.

There, one of our casino testers deposited 100 euros.

After a few rounds of blackjack, he logged out.

When he went to play again the other day, he could no longer access his Royal Panda casino account.

The Royal Panda Casino had his account because of alleged "fraudulent activities" locked.

It was neither specifically explained which fraudulent activities that were supposed to have been nor provided evidence of this.

It has been pure arbitrariness of the Royal Panda Casino.

We can offer 100% insurethat we have not carried out any fraudulent activities.

We deposited money and took advantage of the gambling offer.

Royal Panda Casino has NEVER RESPONDED to our numerous inquiries.

The casino kept the money.

In this case, the fraudulent activities were definitely not on our account!

So the online casino experience at Royal Panda is very negative!


Before we play in a casino ourselves or even recommend it, we always have it tested by several online casino testers.

We have also sent online casino testers to Spinit casinos. One of them got really ripped off.

In a game called "Joker Pro" from the game manufacturer NetEnt, around 300 euros were lost within 20 minutes.

After already losing 100 euros within 5 minutes on spins with one euro per spin, we recorded a video.

As you can see, the account balance at the beginning of the video is 30,000 coins (so 300 euros). The bet per spin is 100 (one euro).

In the 15 minutes in the video there was almost no profit and at the end the account balance is only 113 euros.

Such a losing streak has nothing to do with bad luck. Such a "payout ratio" or loss ratio is an absolute liberty that borders on fraud and is definitely a rip-off. See for yourself!

What do you think of this online casino experience?

Our casino blacklist: Do not play here!

On our blacklist are some online casinos where our casino testers or readers have had bad experiences.

You shouldn't risk money at these online casinos!

1 Royal Panda Casino

2. spinit casino

3. all casinos without a European license (e.g. from Curacao or Costa Rica)

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