Blackjack pros with a review of the film "The Card Counter"
Blackjack pros with a review of the film "The Card Counter"

Blackjack pros with a review of the film "The Card Counter"

🚀 You want to learn the secret of card counting at the Blackjack erfahren? Lass uns die Mythen und Fehler im Film “The Card Counter” aufdecken!

In dem YouTube-Video “Real Card Counters React to Scenes from “The Card Counter” (2021) Starring Oscar Issac,” tauchen Colin und Loudon Ofton, zwei professionelle Kartenzähler, in die Welt des Blackjack ein. Der Film verspricht Einblicke in das Card Counting and gambling strategies, but the reactions of the experts show that some misconceptions and mistakes need to be exposed.

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🎰 Was ist “The Card Counter”?

In “The Card Counter” dreht sich alles um die Kunst des Kartenzählens beim Blackjack. Die Hauptfigur, gespielt von Oscar Isaac, lernt diese Technik im Gefängnis und nutzt sie, um in Casinos zu win. But the film contains some serious errors and myths, which Colin and Loudon Ofton take a closer look at.

📊 The most important information at a glance:

Card counting Blackjack
Card counting advantage:The film claims that card counters have a 1.5%ig advantage over the casino. Wrong! In fact, the advantage is about 0.5%.
Card counting basics:Der Film erklärt die Grundlagen des Kartenzählens nicht korrekt und macht falsche Aussagen über das “Kartenverfolgen”.
Basic Strategy:Ein entscheidender Aspekt, der im Film übersehen wird, ist die Bedeutung der “Basic Strategy”. Ohne diese ist das Kartenzählen nutzlos.
Match decisions:The main character makes disastrous gambling decisions in the film, such as the Double a nine against a ten, which would be a big mistake in real life.
Tipping:In the film, the character leaves the Tablewithout explaining his playing decisions, and tips the dealer generously, which is illogical for a real card counter.

Film review by blackjack pros

“The Card Counter” ist ein Film, der sich mit dem Thema des Kartenzählens beim Blackjack beschäftigt, jedoch aus der Sicht eines Blackjack-Profis betrachtet, weist er einige gravierende Fehler und unrealistische Darstellungen auf, wie sie im Video von Colin und Loudon Ofton analysiert wurden.

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A central problem with the film is the exaggerated portrayal of card counting as a savant's ability to accurately predict every hand of cards. In fact, card counting is about using the probabilities when the odds are in your favour, not about predicting the exact cards. This unrealistic portrayal gives viewers a false picture of how card counting actually works.

Another flaw in the film is the portrayal of the main character becoming an expert card counter in a very short space of time by reading a book on the way to Las Vegas. Learning to count cards takes time, practice and commitment, and it is unrealistic to assume that one can master this in such a short time.

The presentation of risky game decisions, such as splitting tens or doubling down on high stakes, is also problematic. An experienced card counter would avoid such risky decisions as they do not correspond to the basic strategy. The film gives the impression that card counters rely on Gambling and risky strategies, which does not correspond to reality.

Furthermore, the scenes of violence and physical altercations in the film are exaggerated, which has nothing to do with card counting. In reality, card counters are not treated in this way and it is unrealistic to assume that they are physically threatened or attacked.

Zusammenfassend kann gesagt werden, dass “The Card Counter” viele falsche Vorstellungen über das Kartenzählen und das Blackjack-Spiel vermittelt. Es ist wichtig zu verstehen, dass das Kartenzählen eine Fähigkeit ist, die auf Mathematik und Strategy and not based on supernatural abilities. The film may be entertaining, but it should not be seen as a realistic portrayal of card counting.

📖 Ultimate guide: tips and tricks for successful card counting

1. Learn the Basic Strategy: Before you can master card counting, you need to master the basic game decisions. Basic strategy is the key to success.

2. manage your money: Set a budget and stick to it. Card counting is no guarantee of winnings, so be careful and play responsibly.

3. practise, practise, practise: Counting cards requires practice and patience. Use online simulators or practise with friends to improve your skills.

4. know the Rules: Different blackjack variants have different rules. Make sure you know the rules of the game before you sit down at a table.

5. stick to the strategy: If you know how to count cards, stick to the strategy and avoid risky gambling decisions, such as doubling a nine against a ten.

Is card counting legal?

Card counting itself is not illegal in most casinos, but casinos have the right to expel players from the gaming area. This section clarifies the legal side of card counting.

In most countries, card counting in blackjack is not illegal per se. It is a strategic technique where players try to reduce the casino's advantage by tracking the probability of certain cards in the deck. However, most casinos do not take kindly to card counting as it can reduce their winnings.

Obwohl das Kartenzählen rechtlich nicht illegal ist, haben die meisten Casinos das Recht, Spieler, die sie des Kartenzählens verdächtigen, des Spielbereichs zu verweisen. Dies geschieht aufgrund der Privatunternehmenstatus der Casinos. Sie haben das Recht, Personen den Zugang zu ihren Einrichtungen aus beliebigen Gründen zu verweigern. In einigen Fällen können Spieler, die des Kartenzählens beschuldigt werden, sogar auf “Schwarze Listen” gesetzt werden, die von verschiedenen Casinos geteilt werden, um den Zugang zu verhindern.

It is important to note that card counting is not a guarantee of winnings, and it requires considerable practice and skill. Players should be aware that they can be observed in casinos, and they should respect the casino rules so as not to risk legal problems.

Which films show card counting realistically?

There are some Films, die das Kartenzählen realistisch darstellen. Dieser Abschnitt listet einige dieser Filme auf und erklärt, wie genau das Kartenzählen dargestellt wird.

Some films that portray card counting realistically are:

  1. "21" (2008)This film is based on the true story of an MIT blackjack team that successfully used card counting in casinos. It gives a good insight into the techniques and strategies of card counting.
  2. "Rain Man" (1988)Although the focus of the film is not exclusively on card counting, it shows the main character succeeding at blackjack due to his exceptional mathematical mind.
  3. “The Last Casino” (2004)This Canadian film is inspired by the MIT blackjack team story and shows card counting and the challenges that come with it.

It is important to note that films are often dramatised and may exaggerate some aspects of card counting. Nevertheless, they offer an entertaining insight into this gambling strategy.

How can I practise counting cards?

Practising card counting is crucial to being successful. Here you will find Tips and resources to improve your skills.

  1. Learn the basicsStart with the basics of card counting and understand the different systems that exist. Popular systems are the Hi-Lo system and the KO system.
  2. Use online resourcesThere are many online resources, including websites, books and videos that explain card counting and offer exercises. Use these to deepen your knowledge.
  3. Use card counting apps: There are also mobile Appsthat can help you practise counting cards. These apps simulate blackjack games and allow you to test your skills.
  4. Practise in casinosIf you feel confident, go to a casino and practise counting cards. However, make sure you respect the casino rules and don't stand out.
  5. Work on your camouflageAn important skill when counting cards is stealth. You must prevent the casino from realising that you are counting. Work on your behaviour and your playing style to remain inconspicuous.
  6. Practice makes perfectCounting cards requires patience and practice. The more you practise, the better you will become. Be patient and keep an eye on your progress.

History of card counting

This section delves into the history of card counting and shows how it became a well-known blackjack strategy.

Card counting has a long history and has developed into a well-known blackjack strategy over time. It began in the 1960s when mathematicians and gambling enthusiasts began to develop mathematical models to analyse the odds in blackjack.

Eine wichtige Figur in der Geschichte des Kartenzählens war Edward O. Thorp, der 1962 das Buch “Beat the Dealer” veröffentlichte. In diesem Buch stellte er das erste mathematische System für das Kartenzählen vor und erklärte, wie Spieler den Vorteil des Casinos verringern können.

In the 1970s, the first blackjack teams were formed, including the famous MIT blackjack team, which successfully used card counting in casinos and made huge profits.

Various card counting systems have evolved over the years, and card counting remains a fascinating and effective strategy in blackjack.

Famous card counters

There are some famous card counters who have made big profits. Their stories and successes are highlighted here.

Some of the most famous card counters are:

  1. Ken UstonUston was a member of the famous MIT blackjack team and published several books on card counting. He was known for his stealth skills and made considerable profits in casinos.
  2. Tommy HylandHyland is another well-known card counter who led a successful blackjack team. His team has won millions of dollars over the years.
  3. Edward Thorp: Wie bereits erwähnt, ist Thorp ein Pionier des Kartenzählens und hat das erste mathematische System dafür entwickelt. Sein Buch “Beat the Dealer” legte den Grundstein für das moderne Kartenzählen.

These card counters are known not only for their profits, but also for their contributions to the development of card counting.

The maths behind card counting

Card counting is based on maths and statistics. This section explains how the technique works.

Card counting is based on the principle that certain cards in the deck have an influence on the Odds of the player. The basic idea is that high cards (Aces and 10s) are in the player's favour, while low cards (2 to 6) are in the casino's favour.

Kartenzähler verwenden verschiedene Systeme, um den “Count” zu verfolgen, der angibt, wie viele hohe oder niedrige Karten bereits gespielt wurden. Das bekannteste System ist das Hi-Lo-System. Spieler vergeben Wertigkeiten für jede Karte (z. B. -1 für hohe Karten, +1 für niedrige Karten) und halten den laufenden Count.

A high running count indicates that more high cards remain in the remaining deck, which is in the player's favour. A low running count indicates more low cards, which is in the casino's favour.

Players adjust their bets based on the running count, increasing their bets when the count is favourable and decreasing them when the count is unfavourable.

The maths behind card counting is complex, but requires a solid understanding of probability and statistics.

Card counting in different blackjack variants

Not all blackjack games are the same. This section deals with the differences in card counting in different blackjack games. Variants of the game.

Card counting can be used in different blackjack variants, but the effectiveness can vary depending on the specific rules. Some of the main differences are:

  1. Number of Decks: The more decks there are in the game, the more difficult it is to count cards. The Hi-Lo system is more effective in games with few decks.
  2. Early abandonment rulesIn some blackjack variants, players can give up their hand prematurely. This can make card counting more difficult, as the running count cannot be tracked as accurately.
  3. Double down rules: The possibility of doubling after splitting influences the strategy and card counting.
  4. Blackjack payout: Different Payments for blackjack (e.g. 6:5 or 3:2) influence the profitability of the game.
  5. Dealer rulesThe rules for the dealer, in particular whether the dealer stops at a soft 17 or takes another card, can influence the chances of winning.

Card counters need to know the specific rules of the blackjack game they are playing and adjust their strategy accordingly.

The role of basic strategy in card counting

The Basic Strategy is essential for card counting. Here we explain how this strategy is integrated into card counting.

The Basic Strategy is a basic blackjack strategy that tells players how they should act based on their hand cards and the dealer's face-up card. It was developed to give players the best possible chance of winning if they do not count cards.

When counting cards, players integrate the Basic Strategy to make their decisions. If the running count shows that many high cards remain in the deck, players can play more aggressively, bet more and possibly deviate from the best options of the basic strategy.

If the running count indicates many low cards, players adjust their strategy and play more conservatively according to the rules of Basic Strategy.

The Basic Strategy serves as a reference point that allows card counters to optimise their bets and playing decisions based on the current count. It is important to master both basic strategy and card counting in order to play blackjack successfully.

I hope this information helps you! If you have any further questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Frequently asked questions:

🤔 Why does the film claim that card counters have a 1.51TP3 advantage? The film contains a lot of misinformation about card counting and the reality of the game of blackjack.

🃏 Can I really win at the casino by counting cards? Yes, card counting can give a player an advantage over the casino, but it requires a lot of practice and discipline.

🏢 Why are card counters kicked out of the casino? The casinos do not like players who have an advantage and use measures to identify and exclude card counters.

🌟🌟 Summary:

Der Film “The Card Counter” mag unterhaltsam sein, aber wenn es um das Erlernen des Kartenzählens und die Realität des Blackjack-Spiels geht, ist er weit von der Wahrheit entfernt. Um erfolgreich zu sein, solltest du die Grundlagen der Basic Strategy beherrschen, dein Geld vernünftig verwalten und das Kartenzählen kontinuierlich üben. Denke daran, dass das Kartenzählen kein automatischer Gewinn ist, sondern eine Fähigkeit, die Zeit und Hingabe erfordert. Viel Glück beim Blackjack! 🃏💰

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