Funktioniert Kartenzählen in Online Casinos? - December 28, 2020
      28, Dec 2020
      Does card counting work in online casinos?

      Sie haben wahrscheinlich schon Filme gesehen, in denen Kartenzähler große Gewinne machen. Aber kann man auch mit Kartenzählen in Online Casinos Geld gewinnen?

      Counting cards in online casinos

      But one thing you never see in these movies is someone sitting at home spending thousands of dollars through Card counting in online casinos macht. In der Tat wird weithin angenommen, dass Kartenzählen in Online-Casinos nicht funktioniert.

      You may be surprised to find out that card counting is actually possible in online casinos.

      The real question, however, is:

      Is card counting profitable in online casinos?

      I will cover the stigma against online card counting and why it is feasible in certain cases. Finally, I will discuss whether the profits make it worthwhile to be an internet card counter.

      What are the basics of card counting?

      The essence of card counting is to determine when you have a greater chance of getting a natural blackjack. Assuming you are playing at a table with favorite rules, you will get a 3:2 payout on your original bet (some tables offer as little as 6:5).

      Ace of Spades, Ace of Hearts, Ace of ClubsYour chances of winning a natural blackjack increase greatly when the shoe has a greater proportion of aces and 10s compared to other card values. Theoretically, you will win more if you increase your bet at this point.

      Of course, you won't inherently know when these situations are present. But card counting gives you a tool to figure out when the shoe is rich with aces and 10s.

      The first thing you need to count cards is a system. There are many different counting systems, and they differ in accuracy and complexity.

      The Hi-Lo offers a happy medium between accuracy and ease of use. The joke about the Hi-Lo is that you assign values to each card that comes out. Here are the point values for each type of card:

      • Aces, face cards and 10s (high cards) = -1
      • 7, 8 and 9 = 0 (neutral)
      • 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 (low cards) = +1
      • You want to have fewer low cards in the shoe, which is why your positive value increases when they come out.

      With the Hi-Lo, you also need to take into account how many decks are left in the shoe with a "True Count". You do this by dividing your "Running Count" by the estimated number of decks left.

      Here's an example:

      Your running count is +6.
      They estimate there are two decks left.
      6 / 2 = +3 true count

      You can increase your bet size as the positive True Count grows.

      Blackjack author Don Slesinger suggests the following betting strategy in his book "Blackjack Attack":

      • ideally do not play at all with a negative count
      • Standard insert with a count of 0 or +1.
      • Increase to 2 units for a counter reading of +2.
      • Increase to 4 units on a count of +3.
      • Two hands of 3 units each from a count of +4.

      Why online card counting is usually not profitable!

      Another aspect of card counting in blackjack that I haven't discussed yet is deck penetration. This term refers to how many decks a casino deals before the shoe is reshuffled.

      Here's an example:

      You play at a table with an eight-deck shoe.
      Five of the eight decks have already been dealt.
      5 / 8 = 62.5 % Cover penetration

      You want higher deck penetration because then you can make bigger bets with more confidence. A +2 or +3 true count is much more accurate with only one deck left, as opposed to five or six.

      Generally, a deck penetration of 75 % is considered ideal for placing large bets with a positive true count.

      Of course, many casinos reshuffle the cards before this point to thwart card counters.

      Other casinos allow more cards because they don't want to slow the game down with constant shuffling. They feel that losing hands are more expensive than just giving a few counters a bigger advantage.

      Online casinos don't have to worry about losing hands when they reshuffle the decks. Their software-based (a.k.a. virtual) tables can automatically reshuffle a shoe without wasting time.

      Online gambling providers program their blackjack games in such a way that they very rarely need to reshuffle the decks. You have absolutely no chance of gaining an advantage in these cases.

      Of course, you could marginally improve your odds if a casino allowed a penetration of, say, 25%. But that amount is not enough to count for sure and change the odds in your favor.

      Die geringe Deckdurchdringung bei Online-Blackjack-Spielen ist der Grund, warum Kartenzählen an virtuellen Tischen nicht funktioniert.

      Some live dealer casinos allow a higher deck penetration

      Many online casinos offer live dealer blackjack, which uses a human dealer and real cards. These tables work just like in a normal land-based casino, except that the action is streamed through your internet device.

      Assuming conditions were perfect, live blackjack would be the best way to count cards. After all, you could sit at home and count without attracting the suspicion of pit bosses and floor supervisors.

      Of course, online casinos aren't stupid. They know that their live tables are vulnerable to being hit by

      Live blackjack variants also offer live chat, which allows you to chat with the dealer and other players at the table while playing blackjack in real time.

      Live blackjack gameplay is similar to traditional online blackjack; the only difference is that the dealer and some of the game's props are real and in real time.

      You will find several live blackjack variants available at online casinos. Some of the most popular variants include: Live Blackjack Party, VIP Live Blackjack, Infinite Blackjack, Free Bet Blackjack and Perfect Blackjack.

      Decisive reasons that card counting does not work in the online casino

      Online blackjack is a fun and exciting game to play for real money. However, the game requires some skill if you want to stand a chance. If you want to know how to beat online blackjack, it is necessary that you learn at least a basic blackjack strategy.

      Eine gute Blackjack-Strategie enthält nicht nur Informationen darüber, wie man Blackjack online spielt, sondern gibt Ihnen auch Tipps, wie Sie Ihre Bankroll im Casino maximieren können. Selbst wenn Sie die grundlegende Blackjack-Strategie verstehen, müssen Sie sicher sein, dass Sie, wenn Sie spielen und gewinnen, in der Lage sind, Ihr Geld einfach abzuheben. Deshalb ist es wichtig, dass Sie nur in sicheren und seriösen Casinos spielen.

      Secure online casinos also ensure that your private information is kept safe and you have a safe and enjoyable online experience while playing blackjack.

      When you play online blackjack for real money, you should play responsibly and avoid chasing your losses. Set a time and budget for your online play, and whether you lose or win, stick to your set budget.

      Why does blackjack pro Radek Vegas give blackjack coaching in online casinos?

      Radek Vegas has been running his blackjack website Blackjack-Winner for more than 10 years. He has a Book about Blackjack and is the only German blackjack player known by name.

      We asked him why he hosts blackjack coaching sessions when the odds of winning in online casinos are very low?

      Radek sent us his answer by email (thanks!):

      It is always better to count cards than not to count. Basically, however, I advise everyone not to risk money in an online casino.

      My coaching prepares blackjack fans for real casinos. There, mistakes cost a lot of money and no one can tell you directly what is right and wrong. That's why we practice with a small budget in online casinos, learn to count cards and train for the real thing in a real casino. Our BIlanz even turns out relatively positive. All coachings together are a few hundred euros in the plus. That is more than 99.9% of all casino players can claim. That's why I would never play blackjack in an online casino WITHOUT being able to count cards.