Card game-21
      1, Feb 2021
      Card game 21: Better known as Black Jack

      The Kartenspiel 21 ist besser bekannt als blackjack. Im Englischen heißt das beliebte Casinospiel „Twenty One“ (Einundzwandzig bzw. 21). Die meisten kennen das Kartenspiel 21 allerdings unter seinem Spitznamen „Black Jack“.

      Die Casinos zahlten früher einen besonders hohen Gewinn, wenn der Spieler eine 21 mit 2 Karten hatte, bestehend aus einem schwarzen Buben (Black Jack) und einem schwarzen Ass in Pik oder Kreuz. Diese Kombination wird heute öfter als Bezeichnung für das Kartenspiel verwendet als der offizielle Name „21“.

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      Blackjack 21 - A & 10
      1, Jan 2021
      When do you have a blackjack in the 21 card game?

      When do you have a Blackjack? This is the first and perhaps most important question in the card game 21 ever! In this article you will learn all the details and possibilities!

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      Funktioniert Kartenzählen in Online Casinos? - December 28, 2020
      28, Dec 2020
      Does card counting work in online casinos?

      Sie haben wahrscheinlich schon Filme gesehen, in denen Kartenzähler große Gewinne machen. Aber kann man auch mit Kartenzählen in Online Casinos Geld gewinnen?

      Counting cards in online casinos

      But one thing you never see in these movies is someone sitting at home spending thousands of dollars through Card counting in online casinos macht. In der Tat wird weithin angenommen, dass Kartenzählen in Online-Casinos nicht funktioniert.

      You may be surprised to find out that card counting is actually possible in online casinos.

      The real question, however, is:

      Is card counting profitable in online casinos?

      I will cover the stigma against online card counting and why it is feasible in certain cases. Finally, I will discuss whether the profits make it worthwhile to be an internet card counter.

      What are the basics of card counting?

      The essence of card counting is to determine when you have a greater chance of getting a natural blackjack. Assuming you are playing at a table with favorite rules, you will get a 3:2 payout on your original bet (some tables offer as little as 6:5).

      Ace of Spades, Ace of Hearts, Ace of ClubsYour chances of winning a natural blackjack increase greatly when the shoe has a greater proportion of aces and 10s compared to other card values. Theoretically, you will win more if you increase your bet at this point.

      Of course, you won't inherently know when these situations are present. But card counting gives you a tool to figure out when the shoe is rich with aces and 10s.

      The first thing you need to count cards is a system. There are many different counting systems, and they differ in accuracy and complexity.

      The Hi-Lo offers a happy medium between accuracy and ease of use. The joke about the Hi-Lo is that you assign values to each card that comes out. Here are the point values for each type of card:

      • Aces, face cards and 10s (high cards) = -1
      • 7, 8 and 9 = 0 (neutral)
      • 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 (low cards) = +1
      • You want to have fewer low cards in the shoe, which is why your positive value increases when they come out.

      With the Hi-Lo, you also need to take into account how many decks are left in the shoe with a "True Count". You do this by dividing your "Running Count" by the estimated number of decks left.

      Here's an example:

      Your running count is +6.
      They estimate there are two decks left.
      6 / 2 = +3 true count

      You can increase your bet size as the positive True Count grows.

      Blackjack author Don Slesinger suggests the following betting strategy in his book "Blackjack Attack":

      • ideally do not play at all with a negative count
      • Standard insert with a count of 0 or +1.
      • Increase to 2 units for a counter reading of +2.
      • Increase to 4 units on a count of +3.
      • Two hands of 3 units each from a count of +4.

      Why online card counting is usually not profitable!

      Another aspect of card counting in blackjack that I haven't discussed yet is deck penetration. This term refers to how many decks a casino deals before the shoe is reshuffled.

      Here's an example:

      You play at a table with an eight-deck shoe.
      Five of the eight decks have already been dealt.
      5 / 8 = 62.5 % Cover penetration

      You want higher deck penetration because then you can make bigger bets with more confidence. A +2 or +3 true count is much more accurate with only one deck left, as opposed to five or six.

      Generally, a deck penetration of 75 % is considered ideal for placing large bets with a positive true count.

      Of course, many casinos reshuffle the cards before this point to thwart card counters.

      Other casinos allow more cards because they don't want to slow the game down with constant shuffling. They feel that losing hands are more expensive than just giving a few counters a bigger advantage.

      Online casinos don't have to worry about losing hands when they reshuffle the decks. Their software-based (a.k.a. virtual) tables can automatically reshuffle a shoe without wasting time.

      Online gambling providers program their blackjack games in such a way that they very rarely need to reshuffle the decks. You have absolutely no chance of gaining an advantage in these cases.

      Of course, you could marginally improve your odds if a casino allowed a penetration of, say, 25%. But that amount is not enough to count for sure and change the odds in your favor.

      Die geringe Deckdurchdringung bei Online-Blackjack-Spielen ist der Grund, warum Kartenzählen an virtuellen Tischen nicht funktioniert.

      Some live dealer casinos allow a higher deck penetration

      Many online casinos offer live dealer blackjack, which uses a human dealer and real cards. These tables work just like in a normal land-based casino, except that the action is streamed through your internet device.

      Assuming conditions were perfect, live blackjack would be the best way to count cards. After all, you could sit at home and count without attracting the suspicion of pit bosses and floor supervisors.

      Of course, online casinos aren't stupid. They know that their live tables are vulnerable to being hit by

      Live blackjack variants also offer live chat, which allows you to chat with the dealer and other players at the table while playing blackjack in real time.

      Live blackjack gameplay is similar to traditional online blackjack; the only difference is that the dealer and some of the game's props are real and in real time.

      You will find several live blackjack variants available at online casinos. Some of the most popular variants include: Live Blackjack Party, VIP Live Blackjack, Infinite Blackjack, Free Bet Blackjack and Perfect Blackjack.

      Decisive reasons that card counting does not work in the online casino

      Online blackjack is a fun and exciting game to play for real money. However, the game requires some skill if you want to stand a chance. If you want to know how to beat online blackjack, it is necessary that you learn at least a basic blackjack strategy.

      Eine gute Blackjack-Strategie enthält nicht nur Informationen darüber, wie man Blackjack online spielt, sondern gibt Ihnen auch Tipps, wie Sie Ihre Bankroll im Casino maximieren können. Selbst wenn Sie die grundlegende Blackjack-Strategie verstehen, müssen Sie sicher sein, dass Sie, wenn Sie spielen und gewinnen, in der Lage sind, Ihr Geld einfach abzuheben. Deshalb ist es wichtig, dass Sie nur in sicheren und seriösen Casinos spielen.

      Secure online casinos also ensure that your private information is kept safe and you have a safe and enjoyable online experience while playing blackjack.

      When you play online blackjack for real money, you should play responsibly and avoid chasing your losses. Set a time and budget for your online play, and whether you lose or win, stick to your set budget.

      Why does blackjack pro Radek Vegas give blackjack coaching in online casinos?

      Radek Vegas has been running his blackjack website Blackjack-Winner for more than 10 years. He has a Book about Blackjack and is the only German blackjack player known by name.

      We asked him why he hosts blackjack coaching sessions when the odds of winning in online casinos are very low?

      Radek sent us his answer by email (thanks!):

      It is always better to count cards than not to count. Basically, however, I advise everyone not to risk money in an online casino.

      My coaching prepares blackjack fans for real casinos. There, mistakes cost a lot of money and no one can tell you directly what is right and wrong. That's why we practice with a small budget in online casinos, learn to count cards and train for the real thing in a real casino. Our BIlanz even turns out relatively positive. All coachings together are a few hundred euros in the plus. That is more than 99.9% of all casino players can claim. That's why I would never play blackjack in an online casino WITHOUT being able to count cards.


      28, Aug 2020
      888 Casino Bonus - Up to 888 euros free at the online casino 🎱🎱🎱

      The 888 Casino Bonus gehört zu den größten im Online-Gambling. Ein neuer Spieler kann nach der Anmeldung bis zu 888 Euro Gratis als Bonus erhalten.

      Das kann sich das 888 Casino scheinbar leisten, denn es gehört zu den bekanntesten und größten Online-Casinos der Welt. Das Unternehmen besteht schon seit mehr als zwanzig Jahren und hat sich einen guten Ruf erarbeitet. Den Erfolg sieht man auch daran, dass es für Neukunden im Online-Casino bis zu 888 Euro Gratis there.


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      13, Aug 2020
      What are the odds of winning at blackjack?

      The Black Jack odds are better than in other casino games. Blackjack differs from many other casino games in that the player is actively involved in the outcome of his hands.

      Anstatt auf ein zufälliges Ereignis zu setzen, über das er keinen Einfluss hat. Infolgedessen hängen die Gewinnchancen eines Spielers nicht nur vom Zufallsergebnis der Auslosung ab, sondern auch von den Entscheidungen, die er während des Spiels trifft – ob er trifft oder steht, ob er Optionen wie Verdoppeln oder Teilen ausübt.

      Black Jack odds

      Over several rounds, the odds of winning each hand are also skewed by the cards removed from the deck. The player's net loss or gain (the amount of money rather than the sum of winning or losing hands) during a session is affected by how much he bets and at what times he increases or decreases the amount bet. Finally, house rules can be imposed to change the parameters of the game and limit the player's options.

      Taking all of these factors into account, it is not possible to pin down a specific number for all situations or all types of play - however, three numbers are often mentioned:

      Die meisten Casinos gehen davon aus, dass jeder Black Jack-Tisch einen Anteil von etwa 20% haben wird, d.h. sie gehen davon aus, dass sie etwa 20% der getätigten Einsätze behalten können. Dementsprechend kann der durchschnittliche Spieler damit rechnen, dass er im Laufe jeder Sitzung etwa 20% seines Einsatzes verliert.

      Die „Kern-Quoten“ reduzieren den Vorteil des Hauses auf 10,99%. Basierend auf der Annahme, dass der Spieler sich dafür entscheidet, nach den gleichen Kriterien wie das Haus zu schlagen oder zu stehen, wird das Haus etwa 10,99% mehr Blätter als der Spieler gewinnen.
      Die Nettoquoten, die den gewonnenen oder verlorenen Geldbetrag und nicht die Kernzahl der Hände berücksichtigen, ergeben im Allgemeinen einen Vorteil von 8,89% für das Haus (bei einem Spiel mit zwei Decks, das nach den gängigsten Regeln gespielt wird).

      What are the odds of winning at Blackjack?

      An interesting, if somewhat premature, note to these figures is that the house expects to earn more than double (20% compared to 8,89%) what the odds suggest, and that these expectations generally hold. This shows how the player's decisions can affect the outcome of the game - and that the average player will lose more than double the mathematically likely amount due to uninformed decisions.

      The basic blackjack, intermediate and advanced blackjack strategies described in the blackjack strategies section of this website can further influence the odds of winning. By consistently applying the basic blackjack strategy, the player can reduce the house advantage to less than 1%. By adding the intermediate and advanced strategies, a player can make the game completely even (i.e. fair), and in rare situations, can also change the odds in his favor by a fraction of a percentage.

      What are the probabilities?

      In the purest sense, probabilities are the chances that a given outcome will occur, given the possible alternatives. The most convenient metaphor is the coin toss: if a coin is tossed in a truly random way (nothing affects the outcome), it is equally likely to come up heads or tails. If the coin is tossed ten times, it can be expected to come up heads five times and tails five times.

      Granted, even with true randomness, it is possible for the toss to come up heads and tails ten times in a row - which is why the odds are aimed at probable rather than concrete outcomes. In the long run, mathematical probability will prove true in practice - if a coin is tossed 1000 times, it will probably come up heads 500 times (although in practice there will be a few pluses or minuses). So there is no need to spend several years flipping a coin a million times to determine the likely outcomes, or to manipulate a supercomputer to simulate the same - although some have persisted.

      Casino games are carefully designed to exploit the odds, always taking advantage of the house: a player will never receive a bet that matches the true odds. A good example of this practice is roulette, where a bet on a single number pays out 35 to 1, even though the odds are 1 in 37.

      What are the odds of winning at blackjack?

      However, blackjack thwarts the calculation of odds based on random events because there are a number of influences that prevent it from being completely random - most significantly, the player's decisions during the course of the game. In such cases, the odds are set so that the average player will make a reasonable profit. (Actually, they are set so that the reasonably intelligent player makes a reasonable profit, the average player makes an exorbitant profit, and the milk a "sucker.") For this reason, an alert player who makes the right decisions can come out ahead.

      The odds of winning the hand are determined not only by the initial hand dealt and by the number of hits that are added up. This can vary greatly, as a player can take as many or as few as they like - a player can choose to hit every hand they are dealt until it exceeds 21 and lose 100% of the time.

      I hope with this article we were able to Black Jack odds increase!

      8, Aug 2020
      Live Blackjack at William Hill

      Für die Blackjack Coachings und unsere Casino-Tests spielen wir in verschiedenen Live-Casinos. Zu unseren Favoriten gehört Live-Blackjack bei William Hill.

      Live Blackjack offer from William Hill

      At William Hill site you will find a large number of tables, games and betting limits. Most importantly, you can play on the platforms of the two leading software providers. Evolution Gaming and Playtech can play. This alone vouches for the top quality of the video streaming, realistic sounds and many cameras that provide good angles on the blackjack table and the dealer.

      Different types of live blackjack games

      When you enter the William Hill Casino website, you will see many tabs for quick navigation and this might be a little confusing. If you are not interested in sports, bingo, scratch cards, etc., but rather in playing with a real dealer, then look at the "Casino" tab. Pretty logical, right? Indeed, but did you know that if you click on the "Macau" tab, you'll get a completely different live casino? The "Casino" tab opens a page where you will find Playtech's live casino. The tab "Macau" leads you to the Evolution Gaming Live Casino. This makes William Hill one of the few online casinos to offer different providers of live blackjack. What this should bring for the customer? More choice and fewer busy tables.

      Fun variants for unlimited number of players

      For beginners, there is Live Blackjack Unlimited Blackjack - as well as the Blackjack Party tables. Both are a live variant where the stakes start low and an unlimited number of players can bet at the same time. Choose the former if you like chatty dealers and music, and the latter if you prefer fast action and no distractions.

      If you like the colorful and loud Las Vegas, try the Vegas tables - with videos of Sin City playing on giant video screens behind the dealer, they create the unique atmosphere of the popular gambling city.

      Tables and limits at William Hill

      That William Hill Casino, like many other operators, offers Evolution Gaming's live casino, you would probably expect to see the same tables and limits that you would find elsewhere.

      On this site you can play at all the tables that are also available in the casino, for example. Dive into the tables of Macau, Vegas and Mayfair. And don't forget that there are also tables from Playtech that you can play at. With 48 Evolution Gaming tables and 5 Playtech tables, William Hill Live Casino offers one of the largest selections in the online casino space.

      As for the table limits, there are many options. There are low stakes tables with 5 and 10 euros. There are medium stakes tables starting at 25, 35 or 50 euros. There are also high stakes tables starting at 100 euros per hand.

      Play live blackjack on the go with the app

      Playing live games on the go is easy with William Hill. They have a live app that you can download from the Apple Store. If your mobile devices use an operating system other than iOS, you can use the web app. Running the app means you play blackjack with a real dealer in your browser.

      Most of the Evolution Gaming Blackjack tables are also mobile accessible, with a few exceptions. Unfortunately, you won't be able to join the blackjack party when you're on the go. Also, you won't be able to play at the Playtech powered tables as they are currently not available on mobile devices.

      Online casino bonus offer
      19, Jul 2020
      Current online casino bonus offers in comparison

      With a Online Casino Bonus locken die verschiedenen Anbieter von Glücksspielen im Internet Spieler an um sich bei Ihnen anzumelden. Dabei übertreffen sich die Online Casinos gegenseitig mit immer spektakuläreren Bonus-Aktionen.

      Different types of online casino bonus offers

      For new customers there is usually a so-called Welcome bonus on the first deposit. This is indicated with a percentage that says what percentage of the deposited amount you get added as bonus money. Mostly this percentage is 100 %. That means if you deposit 100 € you get the same amount as bonus money and can play with 200 €.

      The higher the percentage, the more bonus money you get. There are definitely casinos where you get 200 % or more. However, the rule is the 100% bonus.

      However, the bonus is limited and is only valid up to a certain amount. This is then usually also indicated in the bonus offers or you have to inform yourself about it in the terms and conditions of the online casino.

      Online Casino Bonus Offers Comparison

      You get a whole 200% bonus with the Casumo Casino and that even up to 1200 €. That means: 1200 € deposited can play with 3600 €.

      Casumo Online Casino Leaderboard Bonus

      The 888 Casino offers two different types of cash gifts. On the one hand, a normal €88 bonus, which every new player receives without a deposit. Alternatively, there is the possibility to spin the wheel of fortune and get up to €888 free bonus.

      Free spins bonus

      Other casinos entice with free spins instead of cash gifts. If the number of free spins is large enough, this may even be more worthwhile than free bonus money.

      Here is the Casumo Casino to mention, where you get as a new customer without deposit 20 free spins on a particular slot. After the first deposit you even get 200 free spins spread over 10 days.

      Once you are registered at the casino, you will often receive bonus offers by e-mail or free spins.

      Bonus conditions

      Of course, such a good offer always has a catch. An online casino definitely does not give away money. The bonus conditions are usually very strict and regulated in such a way that it is very difficult to make a profit from a tempting bonus that ends up in your bank account.

      The reason for this is the Turnover condition. You always have to use a bonus a certain number of times.

      This wager requirement or turnover requirement is usually 30 or 40 times. This means: to play a €100 bonus free, you have to wager a total of €3000.

      Hinzu kommt, dass bei den meisten Casinos Tischspiele wie Roulette und Blackjack nicht oder nur zu einem Bruchteil in die Bonusbedingungen zählen. Man kann also nur den Bonus freispielen, wenn man an Spielautomaten spielt. Da diese einen sehr hohen Hausvorteil des Casinos und damit eine sehr geringe Gewinnchance für den Spieler haben, sinkt die Wahrscheinlichkeit hohe Bonus Beträge jemals in richtiges Geld verhandeln zu können.

      14, Jul 2020
      Online Casino Slot Aloha in the test

      Today we have an online casino test with the slot game Aloha! Du bekommst unsere echten Erfahrungen aus dem Online-Casino mit diesem Spiel!

      Online Casino Slot Test-Aloha

      Play Aloha at Mr Grenn now!

      Online Casino Mr Grenn Banner

      Balance in the online casino slot Aloha!

      • Account balance at the beginning: 96,60 Euro
      • Bet per spin: 0,10 Euro
      • Turns total: 100
      • Total stake: 10 Euro
      • Highest win: 12 Euro
      • Bonus Feature: 9 Free Spins
      • Account balance at the end: 112,55 Euro
      • Profit / loss: + 15,95 Euro

      Rating of Aloha!

      1. Design, Graphics & Animation 16/20
      2. Sound & Music: 14/20
      3. Free spins and special features: 16/20
      4. Gameplay: 17/20
      5. Possibility of winning: 18/20

      Design, Graphics & Animation

      Very colorful and cheerful - that's the first impression I had of Aloha! and a real holiday mood came along with it. The unusual game field has no paylines, instead you have to achieve so-called win clusters on 6 reels with 5 rows. By the way, you are cheered on by a friendly idol the whole time you play. Also on the reels you will find lots of grinning idols as well as many South Sea typical motifs. Aloha! also has some pretty nice effects. For example, a volcano in the background throws out the winning fountains for me when Fortuna has been kind to me.

      Sound & Music

      Here I give 14 out of 20 points. Even if the South Seas music could certainly be improved a bit, the guitar-playing idol and the sound of the sea support the varied and colorful game experience quite nicely. But the friendly fellow can do even more than just laugh and play music: When there were really big wins (such as 12 euros on 10-cent spins in this session), the flower-adorned idol does a hula dance that is second to none and definitely makes you smile.

      Free Spins & Special Features

      The NetEnt slot Aloha! has no shortage of features and free spins opportunities, which is another plus point. For example, there is the Sticky Wins Respin feature, which activates randomly and provides even more wins. However, the game's cash register only really rings when the free spin round is reached with 3 or more freespin symbols, which fortunately I even managed to do once in this test. Aloha is very accommodating here, because low-value symbols are simply dropped ("Drop Down Feature").

      Gaming fun

      Despite the unusual design, Aloha! is still clear and very easy to play, which is pretty important to me when it comes to online slots. Because when it comes to relaxed evening slots, I don't want to have to use any complicated strategies, I just want to enjoy the way things are going and be surprised again and again. Wins are frequent, so the mood always remains good in that regard as well. Aloha! is innovative overall, but not super spectacular - I therefore award 17 out of 20 points.

      Winning opportunities

      Aloha! gefällt mir vor allem wegen seiner günstigen Varianz, denn bereits im Hauptspiel fallen oft kleinere Gewinne an. Die originellen Gewinn-Cluster kommen häufiger, als man denkt. Wilds, Re-Spins, Freispiele (und darin die Wiederholbarkeit des letzten Drehs bis zum Gewinn!) sorgen darüber hinaus mit etwas Glück für einen richtigen Geldregen. Jederzeit kann man also in diesem Automatenspiel sowohl mit kleinen und großen Gewinnen rechnen, mehr kann man sich wohl kaum in dieser Kategorie wünschen – deshalb gibt es hier 18 von 20 Punkten.

      Overall rating

      The quirky idol as a funny lucky charm and cheerleader, the diverse and frequent winning opportunities & features as well as the successful South Seas feeling with dream beach and volcano are good arguments to dare a few spins at the extremely entertaining and colorful slot every now and then.

      Black Jack gagne ganar win
      11, Jul 2020
      How can I always win at blackjack?

      The question "How can I help BLACKJACK ALWAYS WIN?" we often hear! The answer to this is sobering: Not at all! But here you will learn how to win as often as possible!

      Even the best football teams or tennis players don't always win.

      In blackjack, winning depends mainly on luck.

      Die Casinos haben die Black Jack Regeln absichtlich so festgelegt, dass das Casino auf lange Sicht beim Blackjack immer gewinnen wird.

      Der Hausvorteil des Casinos beträgt, wenn du nach der optimalen Black Jack Strategie Tabelle spielst, gerade mal 0,5 %.

      This is much better than other casino games like roulette or slots.

      However, it is not possible to win all the time.

      Always win with card counting in blackjack

      In movies, TV series and books, blackjack is often portrayed in a way that gives the impression that very intelligent people (or autistic people like in the movie 'Rain Man') always win at blackjack. But this is wrong. In these well-known scenes, only excerpts are shown, which are also very exaggerated.

      In reality, of course, lucky streaks occur as well as unlucky streaks.

      Someone may be lucky enough to win 10 or maybe even 20 hands in a row. But at the latest then he will lose again. Because even if you 100% make the right decision, you are dependent on good cards. But since good cards don't always come, you can't always win at blackjack either.

      Mit dem Kartenzählen hat man aber eine gute Möglichkeit gefunden um zu erkennen, wann die Gewinnchancen erhöht sind.

      For example, if a lot of low cards are dealt, the likelihood of high cards being dealt increases.

      With high cards you can also reach high card values like 20 or even a straight blackjack.

      And with these values you are more likely to win

      The advantage for the player in this case, however, is only that you as a player have a payout of 3:2 in a blackjack, while the dealer only wins 1:1.

      This means: If you win with a blackjack, you get 25 euros back for a 10 euro bet. The dealer loses 15 euros.

      However, if the dealer has a Black Jack, he only wins your bet of 10 Euros.

      This is the difference why the player can have an advantage with the help of card counting when he realizes that the probability of blackjack is increased. In these cases, blackjack professionals then bet more money than in other rounds.

      In general, however, the probability of winning is not higher if you can count cards. You only recognize advantageous situations better.

      No matter how good you are at blackjack, you will only ever win around 45 % of all hands.

      The remaining 55% will be split by draws or losses.

      The art of card counting is to bet more in the 45% of winning hands to offset or even trump the losses from the majority of hands.

      So it's not about how to always win at blackjack, it's about winning more than losing in the first place!

      How much can you win at blackjack?

      And here I must especially warn those who think they are immune to probabilities and facts!

      Exceptions prove the rule.

      You always have to look at a longer period of time. On 100 hands, anyone can win more times. On 1000 hands, the whole thing will be more of a realistic picture. And the more hands you play, the closer the loss is to the 1% limit.

      But if you know how to count cards, you can turn an 1% loss into an 1% profit in the long run.

      Suppose you bet 10 euros by default and can count cards.

      Then you will vary your bet over the course of an evening between the 10 euros and a maximum bet of 80 to 120 euros.

      Let's say the average bet is then 20 euros.

      In one hour you play around 50 hands and we are in the casino for 4 hours.

      So we played a total of 200 hands a 20 euros and therefore bet a total of 4000 euros.

      As a good player, you would have stuck to the Basic Strategy and lost an average of 40 euros. Due to the so-called variance (deviation), a higher loss is also possible, as well as a profit. But these 40 euros are the average of all blackjack players who will ever play this game.

      Now, if you are a bad player who relies only on gut feeling or doesn't make all decisions mathematically according to basic strategy, instead of being at 1% disadvantage, you will be at 3 - 5% disadvantage. That means your loss can be up to five times higher!

      I see this all the time in the casino when obvious gamblers and amateurs come to the table. First of all, they bet too much per round and then make a lot of wrong decisions. Most of the time they are gone very quickly, while a good player can sit at the same table for a few hours without going bankrupt.

      If you know how to count cards, you won't always win at blackjack, but you'll win a lot more than someone who uses discretion or sticks to basic strategy.

      Mit dem Kartenzählen hast du 1-2% Vorteil je nach Können und den angebotenen Regeln im Casino. Das heißt in unserem Beispiel, dass du zwischen 40 und 80 Euro im Schnitt gewinnen wirst. Eventuell kann man sogar noch mehr gewinnen, aber bei einer negativen Varianz auch weniger oder sogar Verlust machen.

      Online Casino Slot Wild Water
      29, Jun 2020
      Online Casino Slot Wild Water

      Today we have an online casino test with the slot Wild Water. Unsere Erfahrungen erfährst du im exklusiven Casino-Test dieses Spiels mit Echtgeld!

      Balance in the online casino slot Wild Water

      • Account balance at the beginning: 100 Euro
      • Bet per spin: 0,20 Euro
      • Turns total: 100
      • Total stake: 20 Euro
      • Highest win: 3 Euro
      • Bonus feature: no free spins or bonuses achieved
      • Account balance at the end: 96,60 Euro
      • Profit / loss: - 3.40 E<yuro

      Rating of Wild Water

      1. Design, Graphics & Animation 16/20
      2. Sound & Music: 16/20
      3. Free spins and special features: 17/20
      4. Gameplay: 18/20
      5. Possibility of winning: 16/20

      Design, Graphics & Animation

      Really racy, summery and original comes the NetEnt Slot "Wild Water" on the 5 reels and 20 paylines and is therefore just the right thing for slot fans who want to take a nice - and hopefully also profitable - "Summer Grind" on online slots. I find the implementation of the surfer theme very successful here, and the graphics, animations and colors always seem pleasant overall. Blue sea, beautiful people and blue sky, now only beautiful wins are missing for perfect happiness!

      Sound & Music

      Sound and music have of course also been chosen by the developer to match the surfing scene. The relaxed and unobtrusive music to the sound of the waves contributes to the fact that there is always a positive mood. In the background you can hear the voices of happy bathers, so that I almost felt like I was at a summer party. I award 16 out of 20 points here - with Wild Water I would give the Always leave the sound on in any case.

      Free Spins & Special Features

      With no less than three special features, Wild Water is quite lush. There is the Surf's Up and the even more lucrative Surf Team Bonus (200x payout)For each of these, surfers must appear on all five reels, and three scatters bring, as usual, the coveted free spins. However, you have to achieve these first, which I did not succeed in the test. To be fair, 100 spins are of course not quite as statistically significant. The Swedish manufacturer has managed very well to always build up the tension nicely before reaching the coveted features. The Shark as wild symbol I've encountered quite a few, which is a plus.

      Gaming fun

      Just because of the unusual design (symbols extend over several reels and are partially or fully visible), you like to sit at the buttons in Wild Water longer than in the usual slots. The fast-paced music, the touch of retro and regular wins add to this, so that I personally never lost the fun of playing. All accruing wins are always "celebrated" graphically and acoustically accordingly. Even though I only completed 100 spins for the test: I definitely see potential in Wild Water to sweeten several hours of gaming.

      Winning opportunities

      Unlike many other slots I've tried before, Wild Water throws in nice regularity small and medium sized profits so you will rarely get frustrated in this regard. Add to that the theoretical chances of bigger wins in free spins and through the surf bonuses, and this NetEnt slot has a very appealing win potential overall with fairly consistent game play.

      My highest win in the main game with 20 cent spins was 3 Euro (see graphic). Since I only just missed the bonus features several times, the test session could very easily have ended in the plus.

      Overall rating

      Overall, I can give Wild Water pretty good scores in all categories, as I didn't find any real negatives (which isn't really surprising given the generally high quality of NetEnt slots). I will definitely treat myself to this positive online slot game again soon, if only because it immediately puts you in a good mood from the first spin - and good entertainment while playing is almost as important to me as nice wins!