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      5, Mar 2020
      Spintit Online Casino Test - Serious Online Casino?

      The Spinit Online Casino ist relativ neu auf dem Markt. Ich habe jedenfalls erst vor ein paar Wochen davon gehört, als mich der Marketing-Manager des Casinos gebeten hat einen Erfahrungsbericht zum Casino zu schreiben.

      Ich habe ihn darauf hingewiesen, dass dieser auch negativ ausfallen kann, da ich grundsätzlich kein Fan von Online-Casinos bin.

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      And I promptly got really ripped off there.

      The online casino test of Spinit Casino is therefore very poor.

      Online Casino Test at Spinit Casino

      Basically, everyone should check if gambling at online casinos is allowed in their country.

      The first slot games at Spinit casino went average, so after one day I was still at 400 euros. Then I played the slot game "JokerPro". After a mixed start, there were virtually no profits for long stretches.

      With one Euro bet I played 20 minutes and about 400 spins (if that). Thereby I lost 300 Euro.

      Assuming that the casino's average house edge on slots is between 5 and 10 %, I had a pretty blatant run of bad luck that can no longer be explained by bad luck alone. Because at Spinit Online Casino, nowhere does it mention anything about "fair play", "random generators" or "percentage payout". The money you stupidly transfer to Malta will most likely stay there if you don't pull the ripcord beforehand.

      It hasn't been a short run of bad luck here, but a huge run of bad luck that borders on improbable. I don't trust this online casino. If I hadn't stopped, I probably would have gambled away the last 110 euros on my account without making a profit.

      With 400 spins with such a massive loss, you can no longer speak of a run of bad luck. The software is broken - or does exactly what the casino operators want: rip off the customer. However, not in a game, but in a very clumsy way without any consideration in the form of entertainment, fun or thrill.

      Here the money is just humorlessly deducted spin by spin from the account, as if it were worth 1 euro to see the colorful symbols rush through for 3 seconds.

      Don't get me wrong: I don't expect to win at slots at all. But I do expect a reasonably fair and entertaining game. It's like watching a football match on TV and paying 5 euros over 90 minutes.

      More sensible entertainment options for 300 euros

      But at 300 euros I expect much more entertainment such as:

      • a helicopter ride over New York
      • a bungee jump at Hoover Dam
      • VIP seats at a rock concert
      • for the football Champions League final
      • a return flight from Germany to New York or Miami

      and much, much more.

      Instead, you sit in front of a small computer screen and watch money being deducted from your account in a less than subtle way.

      Here for all to see.

      Video of the online casino test at Spinit Casino


      Good Online Casino Test The design of Spinit online casino is up-to-date. Modern cartoon graphics are nice to look at and you feel like you are in a computer game with brightly colored graphics.

      The website is completely in German, so getting started and playing is very easy.


      Spinit online casino holds both Malta and UK gambling licenses. Especially the second is a sign of quality. However, the German license from the state of Schleswig-Holstein is missing, so that you should be careful as a German player under certain circumstances and in the event of a win may have poor chances to get the money.

      In principle, playing for Germans in the casino is not quite legally secure. However, according to European law, the license of an EU member state is sufficient - and if that is only the smallest member state Malta... Without a German license, however, there are no points here.

      Game offer

      Good Online Casino TestWith more than 1200 games, the Spinit online casino is broadly positioned. There is something for every player here. Slots players get their money's worth and find the most popular slots from many well-known providers.

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      Table games like roulette and blackjack are also available in different variations.

      Free vs Real Money

      Good Online Casino TestYou can play all the games at Spinit Casino test free of charge and play for fun. So you can get an idea of the games, the process or the Rules get to know each other and see how you enjoy a game.

      However, if you want something win must deposit real money and play in real money mode.

      Paypal and other payment methods

      Bad online casino testMoney can be deposited via various payment methods such as instant bank transfer, Mastercard, Visa or EC card. But also internet payment services like Skrill, Neteller, Paysafe or entercash and ecopayz are accepted.

      The popular, simple and free Paypal is unfortunately not offered.

      Bonus and free spins

      As a new customer you get a 100% bonus up to 200 euros added to your deposit. In addition, there are also 200 free spins. As a special feature, there are free spins every Wednesday in the "game of the week". That is already an attractive offer. What does that look like in reality?

      Bad online casino testIf you deposit 200 euros, you get 200 euros added as a bonus. So you can play with 400 euros. However, you have to wager the bonus 40 times within 14 days before you can withdraw a - then very unrealistic - profit. With 200 euros you have to wager a total of 8000 Euro betso you can cash out even a dime.

      If you pay one euro per spin on a slot, 8000 spins would be necessary to convert the bonus completely. If you play on autoplay, you create about 20 spins per minute and thus 1200 spins per hour. With a slot house advantage of 10% you would lose 120 Euro per hour. After four hours at the latest you would have gambled away the entire 400 euros. For this there is clearly a thumbs down.

      In addition, you get 20 free spins on the slot "Starbust" every day for the first ten days after registration. Why it has to be this boring Starbust of all things and you can't freely decide where to use the free spins is a negative aspect. Also, that the winnings from free spins are linked to bonus conditions. You have to use the winnings from free spins 40 times to be able to withdraw any winnings.

      If the casino is generally positive and happy to hand out money to players, that would be doable. But in this case, I personally wouldn't accept a bonus.

      It's more likely that the money will be completely gone before you've wagered the bonus terms.


      Bad online casino testNevertheless, I deposited 200 euros and got the additional 200 euros bonus as well as 200 free spins spread over 10 days on the boring Starburst slot.

      To be able to create the total of 8000 euros in 14 days, I played slots on autoplay with 1 euro bet. I had the crazy hope that this could work with a little luck.

      After about 1/8th of the necessary conversion of the bonus I still had around 400 euros. The first 20 free spins paid off with 46 cents anything but. A joke. A bad one. And it got a lot worse very quickly.

      300 Euro loss in 20 minutes

      I played the game JokerPro with a bet of 1 euro. After about 20 minutes I had completed about 400 spins and lost 300 euros.

      What do you say?

      • Bad luck
      • normal loss
      • unusual loss
      • dubious casino?

      I feel screwed, of course, when I lose 300 euros in such a short time. That doesn't change the fact that it is a game of chance. Because, if you don't have luck, then it's neither luck nor a game. Then it is just bad and disappointing. Here, the responsible licensing institute should take a closer look! Oh well, the Maltese probably don't give a shit. They get their measly share of my lost 300 euros and can continue to hawk their ailing island to the online casino mafia.

      You can watch the video here with the urgent hint:

      Beware of too high stakes at Spinit Online Casino!

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