Online Casino Test - Cool Buck Slot im Spinit Casino - June 14, 2020
      14, Jun 2020
      Online Casino Test - Cool Buck Slot at Spinit Casino

      Today in the online casino test: Cool Buck (Slot) im Spinit Casino. Hier erfährst du unsere echten Casino-Erfahrungen mit Echtgeld bei diesem Spiel.

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      Casino Experience - Blackjack Win
      19, Apr 2020
      My best online casino experiences at a glance

      Heute gebe ich einen Überblick über meine Erfahrungen in verschiedenen Online Casinos. Als das Spielen in Online-Casinos noch verboten war habe ich dort sogenannte No-Deposit-Boni angebommen und auch in dem ein oder anderen mein eigenes Geld beim Blackjack riskiert.

      However, my overall balance sheet looks sobering. I have not risked much money, but the profits are clearly count on one hand. In most casinos I have never seen my money again. In other casinos, you at least have a certain entertainment factor before you slowly but surely lose the money.

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      Gambling vs health - dangerous casino games
      8, Apr 2020
      Gambling vs. health: these are the most dangerous casino games!

      Übergewicht ist ein zunehmendes Problem. Bewegung ist ein wichtiger Gesundheitsfaktor, der bei Spielern oft fehlt, da diese oft stundenlang am Automaten oder Spieltisch sitzen.

      Deswegen untersuchten wir den Zusammenhang zwischen körperlicher Fitness und weiteren Faktoren der Lebensqualität von Casino-Spielern verschiedener Disziplinen wie Poker, Black Jack, Baccarat, Automaten und Roulette.

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      Blackjack Million Charlie Ergen
      6, Apr 2020
      From blackjack player to billionaire: Charlie Ergen

      Today we feature one of the richest men in America: Charlie Ergen. The billionaire wouldn't be where he is today if he hadn't been able to grow his fortune early on with success at blackjack.

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      Handelt es sich bei LSBet um Betrug oder einen seriösen Sportwetten-Anbieter? - June 14, 2020
      4, Apr 2020
      Is LSBet a scam or a reputable sportsbook?

      LSBet ist ein kleiner, unbekannter Wettanbieter. Und nach meinen Erfahrungen ist er das zu Recht. Ich habe mir das Angebot über einen längeren Zeitraum angeschaut und das Angebot von LSBet Sportwetten auf Herz und Niere getestet. Im Fokus dabei stand eine Promotion-Aktion namens „50% Risk Free Bet“.

      Negative LSBet experiences

      LSBet is an attractive betting provider at first glance. No betting fee, good odds, a lucrative bonus offer, interesting promotions and a fast software definitely make LSBet a sports betting provider that you should take a closer look at. However, if you scratch the beautiful surface, some points of criticism come to bear.

      Dubious license from Caribbean island Curacao

      First of all, you should always check which gambling license a provider has. LSBet has a license from the Caribbean island state of Curacao. Anyone who has ever been to Curacao knows that it can be very chaotic there. A license to print money from there is not necessarily the highest standards. This shows very quickly in the customer support, the terms and conditions and the arbitrary actions of the financial manager.

      Language problems with a promotion of LSBet

      The promotion advertises that you get a 50% free bet when you complete a four-way combination if three of the four individual elements are correct. Since the betting provider LSBet is located on the Caribbean island of Curacao, no one seems to have been found who speaks German well enough, so that the translations on the website often seem strange. If you talk to the live support in the chat, it becomes clear that there is a big language barrier here.

      Either the support staff only work with the Google Translator, are very stupid or it is just a computer bot. Somewhat more complex problems should be formulated in the simplest sentences with subject-verb-object, otherwise a standard answer comes, which is very unsatisfactory and does not answer any questions.

      Unclearly worded bonus conditions in the terms and conditions

      The language barrier also becomes clear when you read through the bonus conditions of the promotion. There are two points to complain about here.

      The promotion was originally announced and advertised as a four-way combo of TOP-4 leagues.

      After my inquiry, the terms and conditions were changed and the four-way combination was limited to the Bundesliga!

      That is already extremely unprofessional, if I change the terms and conditions because of a chat with a customer.

      Good that I have made a screenshot before 😉 This shows that there is "TOP4 leagues". Actually, I wanted to ask the support only, which four leagues are meant to avoid any hurdles. Because in the title, the promotion is advertised as "Bundesliga Combo", so the "Top4 Leagues" made me wonder.

      As you can also see there is even a typo in the headline. Such mistakes don't happen to any halfway good marketing department in the world: "Kombiette auf Bundesliga-Spiele" Bet that a W is missing!? Amateurs - or worse - idiots or fraudsters could be at work here.

      Handelt es sich bei LSBet um Betrug oder einen seriösen Sportwetten-Anbieter? - June 14, 2020

      Also, the wording is unclear as to when you get the free bet and what you have to do to get it.

      I assumed that you get the 50% free bet if you get at least three single tips of a four-way combination right. However, the support denied that and limited this bet to when you have exactly three out of four individual tips richtig hat. Bei vier richtigen Tipps gewinnt man ja die Viererkombi. Bei drei richtigen dient die 50% Gratiswette als Art Cashback, was vergleichbar mit dem Rake beim Pokern ist.

      3. excluded from the promotion

      To get the free bet you have to send your betting slip ID to the support after the end of the games. There they will check if you meet the conditions:

      • Combi with four single tips ☑
      • Minimum odds of 1.50 per single tip ☑
      • Already deposited money at least the second time ☑
      • no money withdrawn after the second deposit ☑
      • Set at least 20 euros ☑

      I asked live support if I was eligible for the promotion before signing up for a 100 euro foursome. I was told twice that I was eligible and that I didn't need to ask beforehand, but simply submit the betting slip ID afterwards.

      Now something has happened that LSBet had probably not thought possible. I have won the four-combination twice and made a total of 700 euros profit. 

      LSBet bonus action documented in video

      4. contradictory statements of the support team

      So, I did the four-way combo five times because of LSBet's promotion, risking a total of 450 euros. After winning twice and raking in a profit of 760 euros, I had for the first time lost a 100 euro four-way combo with exactly three out of four single tips and claimed the well-deserved 50 euro free bet.

      However, the live chat support told me that I could I am not eligible for the promotion. That hit me quite unexpectedly, since I had been certified twice before that I was eligible for the promotion. However, I had not yet won anything.

      When asked why, I was only told that there was a Decision of the Financial Manager had been and I should ask with the. I did that by email.

      The financial manager did not explain my exclusion from a publicly advertised promotion in which I had fulfilled all the conditions, however, and only informed me that this decision was "final".

      5. promotion block because of LSBet affiliate link

      I had promoted LSBet as an affiliate. That is, I got a one-time commission when someone signed up with LSBet. Since I myself was convinced that one could make profit with this action, I advertised as LSBet in good conscience in my Youtube Channel. And everyone who has kept to my tips should have brought in a whopping profit.

      I angrily contacted the affilate manager and told him what I think of these fraudulent methods. I promote a promotion and get LSBet customers and risk my own money only for the reason that I get a 50% free bet as compensation in case of loss. And then LSBet arbitrarily decides after the fact that you can not claim this promotion at all!

      If I hadn't had the protection of the 50% free bet, I would never have taken out a 100 euro four-way and certainly not advertised the small betting provider LSBet with the dubious license on Curacao.

      In about 10 videos I have made advertising for LSBet and thus reached about 10,000 views. LSBet got five new customers and I got a measly referral commission, which is much lower than my profits at LSBet. So these promotional efforts were lies. LSBet makes sure that my credibility suffers.

      Handelt es sich bei LSBet um Betrug oder einen seriösen Sportwetten-Anbieter? - June 14, 2020

      The reason for my sudden exclusion from the promotion was finally claimed by the affiliate manager that I had signed up myself via an affiliate link. So a link for which others get a commission. Furthermore - and this was the final straw - the affiliate manager insulted me and called the number of new customers I had referred "poor". This shows what mental poverty prevails at LSBet.

      1. if I signed up through an affiliate link, it was by accident and not on purpose.
      2. It didn't matter how I signed up for my first two promotions inquiries.
      3. It would be a small matter for a well-organized company to cancel the affiliate sales generated by my player account - especially since they were negative, because I made a profit and thus the intermediary (affiliate partner) gets the loss deducted by LSBet from his referral commissions.
      4. Goodwill towards a partner would be in order instead of insults.
      5. It may be true that I referred few new customers, but the number is not crucial either. The conversion rate was around 2%. So out of 100 people who clicked on the LSBET ad, two signed up and deposited money. That rate is very, very good, as any online marketing expert will tell you. Only the affiliate manager of LSBet doesn't seem to understand that.

      Summary of my LSBet experience

      Handelt es sich bei LSBet um Betrug oder einen seriösen Sportwetten-Anbieter? - June 14, 2020I'm disappointed and angry at the business methods of LSBet. They promise a promotion and then arbitrarily exclude you from it without giving any reasons. The real reason is obvious: I probably won too much.

      The poor support with understanding and language problems as well as the dubious license from the island state of Curacao fit well into the picture. I only hope that I can somehow withdraw my winnings.



      Delete LBbet account

      I will withdraw my money and then delete my LSBet account. I hope that I get the money back. The first attempt has already failed. Here I tried to transfer the money to my bank account. It took too long though, so I cancelled the withdrawal again so I could complete another foursome.

      On the second withdrawal attempt, I wanted to withdraw the money to my Neteller account. They only asked for a screenshot of my Neteller account, showing my name and email address. Fair enough! Whether this really works remains to be seen. As of now (3.5. 2018) I do not have the money yet on the Neteller account.

      Online Casino Mega Fortuna Jackpot
      25, Mar 2020
      Online Casino Slot "Mega Fortune Jackpot" in the ultimate long-term test

      The Online Casino Slot Game "Mega Fortune Jackpot" habe ich ausführlich fast zwei Stunden mit Echtgeld im Spinit Casino getestet.

      Dabei habe ich mehr als 500 Drehungen mit einem Euro Einsatz absolviert. Zwischenzeitlich betrug der Verlust fast 150 Euro. Am Ende konnte ich ganze 52 Cent Gewinn verbuchen. Alles in allem war es ein Gang durch die Hölle mit Happy End. Die Lehre:

      150 Euro zu verlieren oder 52 Cent zu gewinnen ist schon ein Unterschied.

      Mega Fortune Jackpot Slot in the test

      Graphics & Animations 11 / 20 points

      The graphics are appealing, so you won't get tired of them even after playing for a long time. Animations are a few during the bonus rounds and free spins. All in all, solid design.

      Sound & Music 12 / 20 points

      Especially the teaser sound for the bonus round provides excitement. After all, you can hit the jackpot of 2.2 million euros by spinning the wheel of fortune! Sound and music have the right mix to not get on your nerves even after an hour.

      Bonus & Free Spins Features 16 / 20 Points

      Online Casino Mega Fortune JackpotBonus mode is activated by at least three Bonus Wheel of Fortune symbols on a line. Therein lies the problem. Because not all positions are on one of the 25 lines. Here you often miss out on bonus rounds if the symbol comes but doesn't stay in the right place on the reel. The bonus mode came up 5 times in 500 spins. However, the maximum win was a measly 7 euros. So the mode is very disappointing when you are lured with a win of 2.2 million.

      Bessere Gewinnchancen hat man beim Freispiel-Modus, der durch mindestens drei Champagner-Flaschen aktiviert wird. Man muss durch das klicken auf eine der Flaschen die Anzahle der Freispiele und den dazugehörigen Multiplikator auswälen. Mit Glück erhält man 10 Freispiele mit einem Multiplikator von X5. Besonderes Highlight: in den Freispielen kann man durch nur zwei weitere Champagner-Flaschen weitere Freispiele hinzugewinnen. Mein Höchstgewinn in den Freispielen war somit mal 57 Euro. Leider kamen die Freispiele ähnlich selten wie der Bonus-Modus und im Schnitt alle 100 Drehungen. Es zahlt sich also aus, wenn man Geduld hat. Wenn die Freispiele erfolgreich beendet werden, ist vielleicht auch der richtige Zeitpunkt das Spiel zu beenden.

      Gameplay 4 / 20 points

      A sensitive subject. Because with me it ran about 80 minutes extremely bad. After 400 spins I had a loss of almost 150 euros. Accordingly, my gaming fun testimony would have been bad at this point. However, since I was able to make up the loss in the last 100 spins, it looks a little different. To be fair, it's also an indicator of the quality of the game if it gives you almost two hours of entertainment. If you don't end up with a loss, you can even chalk it up as a success.

      Dennoch war die Durststrecke sehr lang und zehrend. Hierfür braucht man zum einen eine große Bankroll um nicht Bankrott zu gehen und zum anderen starke Nerven um nicht auszuflippen. Mir war zwischenzeitlich schon nach heulen zu Mute, aber ich klammerte mich verzweifelt an die Statistik. Diese sagte, dass ich bei den ersten 400 Drehungen einen Hausvorteil von ca. 30% gegen mich hatte, was einer starken Pechsträhne entspricht. Ich hatte also die Hoffnung, dass es früher oder später besser werden müsste, oder es sich um ein Betrugs-Casino handelt. Zum Glück besserte sich die Auszahlungsquote nach 80 Minuten Spielzeit und ich konnte innerhalb von 15 Minuten meine Verluste aus der Zeit zuvor wett machen.

      Overall, it was a roller coaster ride of emotions, with the horror of a ghost train more applicable to most of the time. Again I do not need such a thrill. 90% the time I had little to no fun.

      I'd rather win a little in the beginning and then gamble it all away again than invest a lot and then get out the same as I did in the beginning.

      Winning possibilities 8 / 20

      Theoretically, the game "Mega Fortune" has potential. The jackpot of 2.2 million seems within reach, but is still out of reach. The bonus mode is tempting, but mostly spits out disappointing small amounts of 3 - 7 euros. Only the free spins have it in themselves. But that alone was not enough to emerge from the Mega Fortune Slot as a winner. I could have stopped in the meantime with a loss of 150 euros, but then still had a lucky streak.

      Conclusion about the Mega Fortune Jackpot Slot

      All in all, after a record playing time of 1:40 minutes, I got away with a massive black eye - in the form of 52 cents profit. Just as well I could have noted 150 euros loss. So one can speak of wasted time. Had I had the lucky streak much earlier, rather than only after 400 spins, the conclusion to the Mega Fortune Jackpot Slot at Spinit Online Casino might have been more positive. How the game lands Mega Fortune Jackpot at an average 53 out of 100 points.

      Online Casino Scam - Live Blackjack
      22, Mar 2020
      Online casino live blackjack scam exposed

      In a very interesting Youtube video, Youtube's Ed Rigg theorizes that the entire online gambling industry is a global fraud and money laundering network.

      I don't subscribe to this theory, but the examples he shows already cast a very questionable light on the operators of some online casinos. Anyone who questions his theory should ask themselves: What motivation could he have to spread misinformation? First and foremost, one tends to be Gambling addict or loser to perceive reality distorted and very subjective. However, if the examples in the video really shows fraud of online casinos, you should not close your mind to these arguments.

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      Online Casino La Rouge
      20, Mar 2020
      Online Casino Slot La Rouge in the test

      La Rouge ist eine Online Casino Slot in Schwarz-weiß-rot. Es gibt verschiedene Features, die das Spiel interessant machen. Aber wenn diese Features nicht kommen, ist das Ganze natürlich sinnlos. Deswegen fällt meine Bilanz für La Rouge sehr nüchtern aus.

      Balance at the online casino slot La Rouge

      • Time played: 5 minutes
      • Account balance before: 370 Euro
      • Account balance afterwards: 350 Euro
      • Profit / Loss: -20 Euro

      Evaluation of La Rouge

      1. Graphic: interesting black and white look, but small playing field - 3/10
      2. Animations: barely present - 3/10
      3. Sound: none? at least none heard - 0/10
      4. Music: no background music - 0/10
      5. Game Mode: 1 Euro per spin, 20 paylines - 5/10
      6. Specials: Joker Symbol (Marylin Monroe) - 5/10
      7. Free Spins: theoretically with three bonus symbols 20 free spins, but have not come 5/10
      8. Free Play Yield: get no free spins 0/10
      9. Gaming fun: without sounds very lame and exhausting due to small playing field 2/10
      10. Winning Opportunities: Very bad. Lost 20 euros in four minutes. - 1/10

      Conclusion on La Rouge

      The game would have potential if it had sounds and the playing field was bigger. This actually makes it pretty much unplayable. The 20 free spins would be appealing, but if they don't come, it's no use. I lost 20 euros within 4 minutes and will certainly not start the game again so quickly.

      The rating of La Rouge also looks bad because of this. 24 points ...are a bunch of crap.

      more info about the slot La Rouge

      The online casino industry is one where there is always room for more when it comes to games, jackpots and even developers. Old Skool Studios is committed to this theory, as it is the latest name to join the ranks of game developers. While there are many big players in the world of online slots, there are also smaller developers trying to make a name for themselves, including Old Skool Studios. They may have only developed a few games, but these games are grabbing the attention of slot fans around the world, and for good reason. La Rouge is one of their latest releases, and it's impossible to ignore the eye-catching appearance and lavish nature of this game with some sparkle.
      Slot games have been trying to do something new for generations, though many fail while taking on the challenge. It's difficult to stand out in this crowded market, but Old Skool has never been afraid to try. It's clear from the outset that La Rouge video slot offers something new, but can this new - altogether alternative - approach create a game that's a must-play? Our review will answer that question, and more!
      A Dame to Kill For
      If we're going to start off the way we want to, it's impossible to deny the pizzazz and momentum of La Rouge. The game adopts a Sin City-like overlay that gives it a unique look. There aren't many online slots with this kind of theme currently on the market. This game is definitely attention grabbing, from the dark silhouettes to the glowing neon signs. The old school Sin City style is perfectly complemented by the great production values. Small developers often throw away half-baked games, but Old Skool Studios proves that sometimes they do something different. La Rouge looks and feels the part, and it's worthy of the praise we've come to expect from critics and players alike.


      19, Mar 2020
      Fraud in online casinos

      I have had two recent bad experiences with online casinos. A casino with a panda bear as its mascot banned two friends of mine with the insinuation of "fraudulent activity" and withheld their money without any proof of the accusations (which of course cannot exist).

      At another casino that is all about "spinning" in name, I was relieved of 300 euros in 20 minutes because the game JokerPro apparently didn't want to know about the casino's alleged 95% payback ratio.

      Online Casino Gamblers on Facebook

      I went openly with my experiences in a supposedly suitable Facebook groups to ask for opinions there. Instead of helping me or discussing the issue, they wanted to keep it quiet out of fear of the online casinos.

      I was advised that "experts" (without citing a source) had tested the casino and found it to be good.

      Thus, I myself am deprived of the expert status, although I am probably the only German who really tests online casinos with his own money.

      Only "experts" test online casinos

      Did these "experts" for their "test reports" even play in the casinos? Or are they sites that make money from people signing up to casinos? I don't know any German website that risks money to really test a casino because they all know they would only lose the money.

      Or are there any test videos, like mine, where someone shows how they get ripped off? Of course not! Everyone just posts their wins. If there was a negative review, no one would click on their valuable affiliate link after all. So they rate the casino well because they make money off the players' loss. And the loss is on average several hundred euros per player.

      Proper Online Casino Test vs. Faketest

      I almost wanted to. But then I have - compared to the faketesters - really tested there. And the test is still running. Today I also played the game Mystic Maids or something, which a user recommended to me. Minus 10 euros after 100 turns.

      Of course you can't prove anything serious with 400 euros as an individual. You would need a million to conduct a valid test. But even with small sums you can see a tendency that says more than a superficial "test" about the game offer and the design.

      If a game collects 50 euros once in 100 spins, then that is absolutely nothing earth-shattering. But if it happens several times, it's not because I'm such a bad player or the game is "crap". It's a software problem. This is called in the technical language "lack of randomness" (lack of randomness) and should be checked by the TÜV or by the responsible licensing authority. Then there is no realistic, fair random principle.

      In principle, I assume that every online casino enriches itself from the players. That is after all their Business model. Nothing wrong with that at all. I love casinos. Real casinos. And there are also good online casinos. No question about it. Some do it fairly (like the guy in the hat), some don't.

      To mention the word fraud in this context is supposedly already punishable because of character assassination. If I come to a different conclusion in my real expert test, then I won't say that either. But seriously: What legal means does a commercial - based on the loss of people - gambling company that is located on a shabby Mediterranean island, because it operates in the semi-legal area and has no German license, then in hand?

      So I wonder which is worse: scamming casinos or someone speaking their mind?

      If you'd rather not read about fraud or unfairness, you're welcome to keep leaving your cash in stores like this. In any case, I wish everyone good luck. Those who don't believe in luck should perhaps learn to play blackjack.


      Online Casino Slot Thunderstruck 2
      15, Mar 2020
      Online Casino Slot Thunderstruck 2

      Ich habe im Spinit Casino das Automatenspiel Thunderstruck 2 getestet. Dabei habe ich 100 Drehungen auf 90 Cent gespielt und damit insgesamt 90 Euro eingesetzt.

      Thunderstruck 2 Balance

      Online Casino Slot Thunderstruck 2

      • Account balance at the beginning: 400 Euro
      • Bet per spin: 90 cents
      • Turns total: 100
      • Total stake: 90 Euro
      • Highest profit: 27 Euro
      • Bonus feature: do not get
      • Account balance at the end: 372 Euro
      • Profit / Loss: 28 Euro
      • Casino house edge: 31.11 %

      Rating of Thunderstruck 2

      1. Graphic: not very spectacular to average - 5/10
      2. Animations: barely present - 3/10
      3. Sound: modern but monotonous - 6/10
      4. Music: epic but boring background music - 7/10
      5. Game Mode: 30 cents per spin with all lines - 5/10
      6. SpecialsThunderstruck symbol is wild and doubles win - 8/10
      7. Free Spins: theoretically with three bonus symbols, but have not come 5/10
      8. Free Play Yield: With 90 Euro Invest no free spins 0/10
      9. Gaming fun: yawning boredom and depression due to monotonous music 3/10
      10. Winning Opportunities: Very bad. Almost - 30 euros says it all. - 1/10

      Conclusion about Thunderstruck 2

      I expected a lot from Thunderstruck 2 and was bitterly disappointed. Few wins on 100 spins, one of which was declared as a "mega win". Without these 27 euros, the session would have been a financial disaster. So the loss is just under 30 euros, which is already a lot with only 100 spins. The bonus mode was just missed twice and could have improved the result a lot. So Thunderstruck 2 unfortunately only comes to weak 43 out of 100 points.

      Learn more about Thunderstruck 2 Slots

      Als Microgaming auf der ICE Show in London im Januar 2010 bekannt gab, dass sie eine Fortsetzung eines der beliebtesten Online-Slots – Thunderstruck – veröffentlichen würden, war das keine Überraschung. Der ursprüngliche Thunderstruck-Slot dreht sich seit seiner Veröffentlichung im Jahr 2004 weiter und sein Vorgänger ist ebenso beliebt. Thunderstruck II ist eine verbesserte Version des Originals mit 5 Walzen und 243 permanent aktivierten Gewinnmöglichkeiten. Mehr noch, dieser Slot bietet 4 verschiedene, aber alle sehr lohnende Bonus-Events mit einer Chance, bis zu 2,4 Millionen Münzen zu gewinnen.

      Norse mythology

      Microgaming has taken the sounds and graphics right into Thunderstruck II, which they have also balanced with dynamic gameplay and high potential for big wins through innovative features. The new Paytable feature allows players to unlock symbols by completing all the payouts for each symbol. Watch your paytable turn to gold and track your wins with the Paytable Achievements feature.

      Thunderstruck II offers a much more detailed theme and eye-catching graphics than its predecessor. Various Norse gods, including Loki, Valkyrie, Odin and Thor, will greet you on the reels. Other symbols include Thor's Hammer (bonus symbol), the Thunderstruk II logo, the ship and Thor's Home. The general poker symbols (9 through Ace) are also available (although they are better suited for games like Jacks or Better Video Poker).

      Have fun with Thunderstruck 2!

      en_GBEnglish (UK)