Double Down - Double the bet in Blackjack

Black Jack Double Down

double down ist eine der besten Blackjack rules! Weißt Du, wann du beim Blackjack double have to? If not, you're giving away money!

When to double down on Blackjack!

Double Down means you can "double the bet" after receiving the first two cards.

Doubling down is a very important way to win as much as possible in blackjack. win. In advantageous situations you can win twice as much.
But you can also lose twice as much. Still, doubling down is a very important action in the right situation.

When doubling down, you must place a second bet equal to the original bet in the betting box. The Blackjack strategy Table zeigt Dir, wann Du Verdoppeln solltest. Vorsicht: Manche Casinos beschränken das Verdoppeln auf bestimmte Karten-Kombinationen.

Wir verdoppeln immer mit 10 und 11, außer der Dealer hat eine Zehnerkarte oder ein Ace.

With a 9, we only double against low dealer cards between 3 and 6.

Also, soft hands with an ace can be doubled in most casinos and you should do that against weak dealer cards:

  • A7 vs 3 -6
  • A6 3-6
  • A5 4-6
  • A4 4-6
  • A3 5-6
  • A2: 5-6

For soft-hand doubles there is the so-called "Rule of Nine".
If your card is next to the ace and the dealer's card is 9 or more, it is doubled.

How to double

  1. If any of the above situations arise, say "Double Down" to the dealer.
  2. To do this, slide a second insert into your betting box at the same height as the first insert.
  3. If you bet $10, you must put another $10 in your betting box when you double down.
  4. You only get one card now!

Good luck!

Liegt die Summe deiner drei Karten höher als die des Dealers oder überkauft sich der Dealer mit mehr als 21, gewinnst du.
For double the bet, you get double the winnings.

Don't be afraid to double up!

I see players in casinos all the time who miss out on good situations to double down. Either because they don't know that you are allowed to double at all, because they don't know that you should double or even because they are afraid of losing twice. Those who only ever risk the minimum bet and are afraid of doubling up are probably playing in too high a league and should play with lower stakes.

IRONIE: If you don't double for fear of losing twice, you'll lose more in the long run. So don't worry: You won't always win, but more often than you lose.

Blackjack pro trick when doubling down

When sitting at the blackjack table with scaredy-cats who never double down, make friends with them. Always offer in these situations: Can I take your double? That way, in good situations, you can get in as an investor without much risk.


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